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  1. I think Kelce returned about equal value to where he was drafted by most. He was super consistent, his main issue was he didn’t have many huge games, I thought he did pretty well considering the circumstances. The line was awful, Hill missed time which moved coverage to Kelce, and even Mahomes missed time. I think he has a nice finish to the season.
  2. I just don’t think Fournette is all that special. He is a volume guy and always has been. He is a solid power back that can carry a big workload, but don’t expect amazing runs like an elite RB. The floor is still there, but owning RBs on weak teams can be tough. No way can you bench, especially with the schedule, but he is probably more of a RB2 now.
  3. I just don’t like Dak on the road against solid defenses. I’ll start him next week at home, but just don’t like the Cowboys offense in the cold on the road. Won’t be starting him in a couple weeks against Philly if my team can get there.
  4. Best case scenario for me is he sits and Mattison struggles so Minnesota doesn’t fool around with a committee the following week. Yeah I got a bye this week.
  5. How do we feel about his playoff schedule. Weeks 14-16 he gets @Chi, LAR, and then @PHI. Ive been coasting in first, I kind of wish I flipped him for another elite QB with a friendlier schedule. I wouldn’t expect huge games for him on the road against Chicago and Philadelphia. Eagles defense has been much better since they got healthy. Rams at home looks decent, but with how weak the Rams offense has been I’m not sure Dallas will have to score a lot.
  6. He probably gets about half the snaps, most of the passing downs. I just don't trust a guy in standard who only gets half the snaps on a weak offense, not to mention he is a pretty mediocre talent. I think he is an okay flex play in standard and a solid play in ppr. The matchup is nice, but since I'm in standard I'll likely being sitting him.
  7. I think it's probably less than a 50% chance Green plays again this season, but even if he does do you trust him with the QB they have? I just don't see a reason to hold him anymore this season.
  8. Julio better see more targets this Sunday. Between Hooper and Sanu, you figure that is about 14 or so targets gone. Obviously some of that will go the replacements, but should be an extra few targets for Julio. Also take into account they will likely be without their top two RB's. If Ryan can't get the ball to Julio this week then I doubt he ever will. Looks like Bradberry will play, but I don't think he can shutdown Julio. He did pretty well on him last season, Julio's two games against Carolina went for, 4/28/1 and 5/64/0. He's definitely held Julio in check, but got to think circumstances are a little different with all the guys out for the Falcons.
  9. I hate to be the guy that says, “if you take away his best game...” But if you take away his game against KC and Miami, he has scored between 7 and 14 points in standard. He is very consistent. He isn’t getting you big games, but he isn’t hurting you either. Just look at his game log, his points in standard since week 4 is, 8, 10, 13, 5, 12, 9. He likely isn’t losing you games, but he probably isn’t winning you games. I’m not complaining about him because he’s been real solid, I just feel like we could be getting so much more from him.
  10. Yeah that loss was not on Dak at all. I really like Kellen Moore, but not sure what he was thinking going two consecutive runs with Zeke and then dialing up a pass play for Zeke instead of Amari. Dak can definitely get them to a super bowl, but they are still a few pieces away. Their coach is mediocre, he probably needs to go. They should have traded for Adams, they need a big play maker in the secondary. The defense is really improved but they need more guys that can make an impact on defense.
  11. Ingram kind of feels like the high floor but low ceiling type of guy. You can pretty much pencial him in for around 50-75 yards from scrimmage and then it comes down to a TD or not. I'm comfortable rolling him out there most weeks at my flex, but he doesn't have the upside because of the committee he is in. I'm not sure we will ever see a game where he gets 20+ touches. If he did, he would easily be a RB1. You can't bench the guy, but you have to think they could get so much more out of him.
  12. Not even sure if he is startable in standard if Conner is out again.
  13. Would have been a shame if he didn’t get that TD. Kind of hurt having to watch Cousins throw from one yard out for two TD’s in the first quarter.
  14. Yeah that’s rough if you have to stream and depend on him. I don’t want to be the “I told you so” guy, but he probably would have been near the bottom of QBs for me. Road Goff is bad enough, but without Cooks and going up against one of the best pass rushes set him up for failure this week.
  15. People actually started him? Unless you play in a two QB league, he should not have been started.