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  1. I’m surprised a lot of rankings have Allen in the 5-10 range. This just sets up as a low scoring game. NE isn’t going to force the Buffalo offense to put up a lot of points. I know the Niners took it to them last week, but they are still a good defense. He has struggled against KC, Tennessee and the Jets. The latter two are bottom feeders on defense. The Pats are much stronger than all those. Let’s not forget Allen is also without his top TE, Knox. So he is basically without his second best WR and his best TE. A core of Diggs, Beasley, Gabriel Davis and Kroft has to rank near last in the NFL in terms of pass catchers.
  2. I don’t really like the matchup either. People underestimate how difficult it is to go into Denver and play well. This game has the third lowest total, and Chargers team total is set at only 21.5.
  3. This guy looked awesome against the Chargers. He is clearly the Jags best player on offense. I expect the coaching staff to make adjustments, and try to make this a run first team. Might be hard to do with a bad defense, but it's a much better option than letting Minshew drop back 40 times a game.
  4. Brandin Cooks and Will Fuller say hello. Brown just can’t stay healthy, might be time to bring in a deep threat at WR. This offense needs someone badly who can take the top off. As good as Diggs is, he is more or an intermediate guy like Beasley.
  5. Wow this guy is really emerging. What a rookie WR class. I think he is a pretty safe WR2 from here on out.
  6. Yeah I think we really need to pump the brakes on Allen. I don’t think we need to panic, but I don’t think he is set and forget like a high end QB1. I think the offense really misses John Brown and Knox. A lot of what the Bills did early in the season was stretch the field and play action to the TE. Right now Allen just doesn’t have enough around him. He needs more than Diggs and Beasley. The offense just isn’t explosive right now. I am going to look elsewhere this week because of the matchup. It is a divisional game in what looks to be a low scoring game. I think Vegas has the over/under at only 45 points, that’s very low. I didn’t warch, but from the highlights Allen had a couple plays go against him. Had a wide open Kroft who would have walked into the end zone but he got his feet tangled up. There was also a play to Cole Beasley that was either a TD and called back or out close to the goal line.
  7. This is the type of guy you go big on. Do all you can to get him. Assuming Drake is out for a while, you are basically adding a RB2 with RB1 upside to your team.
  8. How do we feel about him next week? Denver isn’t a slouch on defense and playing at mile high isn’t easy either.
  9. Like I mentioned above, the game was out of hand by about the middle of the second quarter. A really easy game to put Bell in and see what he can do. We will know a lot more later. CEH’s value is definitely taking a hit, but how much we don’t know. My guess is KC probably runs close to 25-30 times a game. Even at a 50/50 split should put him between 12-15 touches in a great offense. CEH probably is a low end RB2.
  10. As great as he has been, he’s had some tough luck. Had a rushing TD called back because of an offensive face mask. On another series he dove for the pylon but stepped out before he crossed the plane. Next play they run PA and throw to Conner but he couldn’t catch it. Would have been a TD. Next play they put in Snell and he runs in a TD.
  11. I think panic is an okay reaction, but this game was an outlier. They had two touchdowns scored on defense and special teams. They only ran 14 times between Bell and CEH. I still think CEH keeps RB2 value, hard to know with Bell.
  12. I’m curious to see the snap counts. Were they alternating in and out, or were they given their own series? I will say this, KC didn’t have the ball a lot because of the pick six and the kick off TD. Basically gave up two series. Between Bell and CEH, they only had 14 carries, that is not going to be the normal. Going forward they will probably have close to 25 carries between the two of them. Just my opinion, but the game was out of hand before halftime. This was an easy game to get Bell up to speed in a game that was all but done. But yeah, not a bad time to sell high on CEH after two nice games.
  13. Same people who will still call Josh Allen a high end QB1 and Cam a QB1. They don’t want to overreact to a few weeks. But this is becoming an ongoing themes.
  14. Almost impossible to predict this backfield. Just imagine if Coleman comes back next week.
  15. Davante has been all or nothing this season. Has won me two weeks and probably lost me at least one or two. We should see more consistency from him. Really like the fact he plays in a weak defensive division. People underestimate that way too much. If you own a guy like Mixon or OBJ, have fun going against Baltimore and Pitt four times.