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  1. I'm in the same boat. Hurst and Higbee aren't on my waiver, but I went with Fells. He's had a few decent games in PPR, way better than what Ertz put us through the past few weeks. I also picked up Trey Burton. Looks to be on the way up and Rivers does love TE. He's on bye this week so might be out there to stash and stream going forward.
  2. And end of game he had two pass interference calls on back to back end zone targets. Dalton is looking for him. I think he's in a much better situation with Dalton than he was with Dak honestly. He's not going to win any leagues but I think he's going to be a useful WR with some good weeks.
  3. Yeah, have to agree with everyone. Lockett is the guy in my opinion. Thanks for your help!
  4. 12 team, play 2 rb and 1 flex, full point PPR My RBs: CEH Jacobs Montgomery J Jackson Ekeler My TE: Ertz (until I dropped him Sunday) Fells (picked up Sunday) I feel real strong at RB with basically 4 starting RBs that all get some volume. Have a RB needy guy in our league who tried to get 2 starting RBs from me for Kittle (haha). I said I'd do 1 RB + Fells for Kittle. Would obviously be one of my top 3 RB. Thoughts? I feel like I might be giving up too much but TE is such a wasteland and Kittle has that put you over the top potential.
  5. I agree. And I don't see him slowing down. The Broncos will probably have bad games, but this isn't a fluke week(s). I can see him easily being a WR2 ROS. Best case scenario high end WR2, low end WR1 at EOS. I'm not getting crazy.. yet. But throwing him and Tee Higgins in my lineup this week instead of rolling Gallup out like I have been since week 1 felt real good! I honestly don't know that Fant takes too much away from him either. Fant will get touches but I feel like Patrick's role is still going to be what it is, which was Sutton's role. They had to be building a lot around Sutton this year, and if Patrick came in and was playing badly I think they would adjust, but it looks like they are moving the same direction as if Sutton was there.
  6. [...] no rookie is playing that game. Especially not a RB on a pass first team led by Mahomes with Reid as the head coach.
  7. Jacobs. I feel like I'm on the "so much potential" train this year, but no one has really broken out. I feel like Montgomery is similar to him and same potential, but Carr is better. At least Monty came, for me (and I'm sure many others), at a much lower price tag in the draft. His volume is going to be there and I can't imagine he doesn't hit the end zone soon. But it's been the same thing for weeks. The schedule only gets better down the stretch but yesterday probably should have been the day. The Bears need to start making teams respect their QB. Once that happens it will hopefully open up more.
  8. Exactly. That Foles sneak was completely obvious and so frustrating. But he was inches from a really good game. I think he's exactly what everyone else says, safe floor, but I really only see better things coming for him. I'm happy with him as the RB2 in my lineup, now that CEH is probably more of a flex for me with Bell looming.
  9. Well, you never want to wish a bad injury on someone. That said, the injury for me was finally enough for me to not only sit but dump him onto the waiver. It's a refreshing feeling, even with his 10 targets this week. I'm ready to play the carousel. I just can't stand the week in/week out misery of having him in my lineup. I may pick Goedert up when he comes back, but I'm finally free of Ertz this year!
  10. Obviously the offensive skill position players are head and shoulders above the Gase Jets, and probably that era of Steelers as well. But the Steelers would win out the comparison there. The Chiefs' line is probably worse than both teams. So I would say the opportunity for Bell as a RB is probably closer to the Gase Jets because of the current line alone. Normally all the playmakers on the Chiefs should open it up for the RB but I just don't see it as the case here (as has been shown). There is obviously a stark contrast between those two offenses overall though. Again, none of us know. Like I said before, maybe Reid will use Bell like he SHOULD be using CEH more, getting the ball out quick in some dump offs while scheming to get the RB into some open space to work. The real intrigue for me is if he starts lining Bell up in the slot or outside though. He has put CEH there a few times as well but it's not designed for him often. I could see Bell having an awesome RB/WR hybrid type role that really works out. I just don't think giving Bell a ton of carries behind this line is going to pay dividends for him with his running style.
  11. I've been real close to dumping him for awhile, but I actually think Dalton might help him out. He was my WR3 and now he's on my bench for Tee Higgins in the WR3 slot and I'm giving Hardman a shot in the flex. But I'm interested to see how this one turns out and am holding for at least a few more games.
  12. I've never said he's not good. I said he is not the elite RB he has been touted as. Yes, I believe Zeke would do much better on the Jets or Giants than Bell would. I don't think anyone would disagree with me. You can't have Bell's "patient, vision" style of play behind lines that leak like the Chiefs' line has as of late, or on teams without anyone else to draw attention away from. His style and situation dictates his success. Elite talent overcomes this. He doesn't, and it's proven by his stint with the Jets. It's only going to be rougher with the Chiefs. Our line is decimated. There is going to be no time for him to stand back there and wait for the hole to open up. CEH is bouncing off two guys at times behind the line of scrimmage and fighting to gain 1-2 and it's easier for him to find holes than it is Bell. CEH is so compact and has such a great center of gravity. I hope I'm wrong, Bell becomes a superstar again on this team (even if it ruins my CEH pick) and the Chiefs win another SuperBowl. I just don't see ANY evidence that this is the right place/right time for Bell and actually think his "patient, vision" style of play is a liability with this line. But I guess we'll see. I'm interested in your analysis of his fit on the Chiefs offense since you seem to clearly think I'm wrong. You must have some evidence to support it. And saying Bell was good 3 years ago is not enough.
  13. You have to mention Gase, but the point still stands an elite back produces even in the worst of teams/situations. The Giants are a dumpster fire this year and no one was shying away from Saquon because it doesn't matter with him (if he could stay on the field). The Vikings aren't tearing it up right now, but Cook if he can get healthy again is looking like top 3 for the year. And the CMC battle going on in this thread.. look at Carolina. Then compare that to Bell on a team with Ben at QB, prime Antonio Brown, good line etc.. That's a BIG difference. And you can mention Gase, and that's fair, but you can't look at Conner/D-Will and not say, how much does the situation really play into his success. I'm not saying Bell is bad and you surely know by now I'm happy to have him on the Chiefs. I just think his elite talent was overblown. By how much was it overblown is hard to say, but the best way to gauge is put him on another offense. And we've seen how that worked out.
  14. You're making the point for people here. Your argument is basically "when he was on a bad team he was bad but when he was on a good team with a line and QB he was good". Yeah. No kidding. DeAngelo Williams and James Conner both have flourished as running backs in that offense without Bell there (or filling in for him with injury). So what's more likely: 1. Bell's production in Pittsburgh is a complete reflection of his elite skill. The fact that both second tier guys filling in and replacing him have produced as well, and when he went to another team his 3.2ypc were NOT a result of his talent and completely the fault of the line and QB play. 2. Bell was a decent back who just ended up in the perfect spot in Pittsburgh for his game, which allowed him to have elite production and made him look better than he really was. This is supported by second tier guys filling in for him and also being productive. When he was sent to a lesser team, his production dropped and he wasn't the same player everyone thought he was because he just truly wasn't. Elite is elite, no matter the team. If you put a guy like Zeke on ANY team in this league he's going to flourish. There are a few guys you could make that argument for. I know it's cliche but look at a lot of the teams Barry Sanders played on. I watched Jamaal Charles as a Chiefs fan sit behind horrible lines with TRASH QBs and make things happen. Bell is not a bad back. I don't think anyone is saying that. I'm a Chiefs fan, and I hope we can put some of his strengths to use. But the evidence points more towards situation (Pittsburgh) making Bell great than Bell being an elite talent (which would have shown on the Jets) himself.
  15. Honest answer: When he left the Steelers, who turned James Conner into an instant stud in his absence. People don't give enough credit to the Steelers and what a nice spot it is for a RB. Yes, Bell was smooth there but it wasn't all or even mostly him in my opinion. Everyone who comes into the Steelers backfield has been productive. If Bell tries to sit behind this line and wait for a hole to open up, he's just going to lose yards, period. This line is decimated, and losing Osemele last week was probably the nail in the coffin. It's going to be a rough road ahead for any RB and especially Pat behind this line. I'm REALLY hoping they adjust and this results in more short routes to the RB, getting the ball out quicker. But I doubt it. Pat wants to sling it and he's going to. They'll continue the misdirection sweep stuff but neither CEH or Bell are going to be the beneficiary of these plays as we've seen. I'd like to hope I'm wrong. Anything to help the Chiefs win another Super Bowl! But the fact is, our line is probably worse than the Jets line at this point. Anyone who thinks the Bell of old is going to come in KC and outplay CEH is probably in for a surprise.