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  1. Anyone rolling him out? Sure has been a whirlwind, but if he can play the whole game I’d have to believe he gets close to his 16-17pt PPR average, no? Full week of full practices, no reports of any lingering issues from last week.
  2. PPR Currently up 50.46 to 32.89 I have left to play: CMC Barkley AJ Brown Butker Denver or Chiefs D ...and Conner or Boone He has left to play: Prescott Drake Hunt Kelce Koo Steelers D
  3. Stud again, two more accurate throws and he would have been 150yds+. Great season sans TD’s with a below average QB.
  4. Everybody pushed me off Deebo, gotta trust your own gut my own fault. He is a beast. He and AJB are the dream of the rookie crop.
  5. Any chance of them down 14-0/17-3 and having to pass...leading to customary 8-11 targets for maybe 5-65-1td?
  6. Jameis missed Perriman on a wide open TD bomb or he would have had a 17 point PPR first half.
  7. Full Point PPR for 2 Flex spots: Boone vs GB Woods @ SF Deebo vs LAR Conner @ NYJ
  8. Weather pushed to overnight and Sunday now. Points are inbound.
  9. Might have to pivot from Butker, difficult to kick in a blizzard.
  10. 15 touches with Jacobs starting today? What’s his game high this season with Jacobs playing the entire game??
  11. Even with the reported time share/snap count and possibility of re-injury?