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  1. Hope you didn't "sell high". Guy gets volume and hits paydirt week in and week out.
  2. Perhaps you haven't noticed the usage trend in the past 2 weeks?
  3. Playing against a top 5 defense with a bottom 5 OL and had a floor game...let's look more below the surface level.
  4. This guy's lack of pocket awareness for being in the league 10+ years...
  5. At this point, he's just wasting a roster spot on our teams. Like someone said above, the defense is incredibly good this year so the passing volume just won't be there.
  6. Inb4 the "sell high" crowd jumps in here. This is what we drafted him for and glad the coaching staff finally got their heads out of their *** and utilized him like they did in the latter half of 2019.