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  1. M.Brogdon 35 minutes, Bledsoe 28 minutes, G. Hill 24 Minutes..
  2. What is your projection? 17 ppg 10 reb 2 ast 1.5 blk Is this too optimistic?
  3. What is your projection for him after ASB? Does every rookie blow up after asb?
  4. That's all i want to hear, thanks. I agree with you now..
  5. If Bledsoe can score only 17 points without Antetokounmpo i'll be a very unhappy owner! You all guys can say "be patient", but please don't act like a pollyanna..
  6. Why does he so afraid to shoot the ball in this Howardless team?
  7. he is not aggressive enough.. and %ft is hurting..
  8. What are your projections(for all stats) for this man? Can he elevate his scoring 15ppg?
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