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  1. So anybody know what happened? I get they’re getting healthy but to drop off the rotation that much?
  2. I think this is spot on(although I’ll admit I did expect more early on). I believe he’s a low end asset that’s rosterable. He’s essentially Satoransky 2.0. I’m considering dropping for a second half breakout candidate.
  3. Luke should still be on the radar though just in case he comes back in the next week or two. In the meantime, who we going with boys? Svi or Brown?
  4. Stats and minutes look pretty good midway through the 3rd. If him and Wood are sharing the court I might be in
  5. Stats look pretty good today but minutes seem to be low. Worth a hold still?
  6. Got a clue about who the rockets player could be. He wears the same number as someone on the team and will probably have to switch it. Maybe y’all can help me figure it out.
  7. Could be bad info but I just read that the rockets made a move that hasn’t been announced yet
  8. Don’t hold your breath. We’re out of assets to trade.
  9. Rotoworld had an article on second half players to watch and he was one of the ones included. Can any Hawks fans out there comment?
  10. I hope he took this time to hit up LeBron and ask him how he’s concealed it for so long. I need him to make up for all 25 games he was in my starting lineup where he got me a big fat 0.
  11. I doubt it. It’s only a matter of time before Flacco goes off the rails. Hopefully you didn’t give up too much for him though.
  12. Don’t get me wrong I’ve got him in both my leagues so I hope it works out. I’m sure you’re probably right and he did consult with his people beforehand but if those were the same people that told him it was ok to holdout then we have a problem. This whole time the problem has been money. Add to that the fact that they want to reduce his salary by less than half(5.6 million in base salary minus 2.5 million in fines and roughly 1 million in game checks he’s lost already) and I see potential for some hurt feelings. And judging by the way the Chargers have already played hardball with him it’s gonna be their way or the highway.
  13. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the article on espn said that the chargers will seek a two week roster exemption for him and they will try to collect about 2.5 million in fines he’s accrued over the time he’s been holding out. Considering he’s only making a little over 5 million for this season I think this could get ugly unfortunately.