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  1. Yeah, I hear you....every ranking site has Pascal like 20 spots below or more behind Chark though. My gut is telling me to take a chance on Pascal for some reason...so risky though.
  2. Lol I literally am still 50/50. So what are you doing?
  3. I haven't made up my miind or else I wouldn't be asking this question. Why do I ask? Because I haven't made up my mind. I saw a stat that the Chargers haven't given up over like 13 PPR points or something to a receiver besides last week.
  4. Man, why am I the only one who is not all for Chark. He has a horrible matchup and Pascal has a great one. That doesn't scare anyone?
  5. Just messing with you, it was the perfect opportunity
  6. Not necessarily? The Chargers’ defense has given up just 27.5 points per game to WRs this season (fourth-fewest in the NFL).
  7. ESPN Scoring with full point PPR. DJ Chark vs. LAC Zach Pascal @ Tampa Bay
  8. I don't think it's as easy as you think saying Chark. I'm also faced with the same decision. The Chargers are very tough against the pass.