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  1. No Folty for me, but will take Taillon over MadBum. Taillon should be way higher than 30s, but it's hard to see MadBum go downhill. I would take MadBum over Folty six days a week. Still, I would like to think Bum will be around 26, but his arrow has been pointing down and agree about his injuries which have taken their toll. He's still got a good attitude such as taking a stand on the opener business. It's refreshing to hear him speak his mind and just what are the Giants going to do -- take him up on it ;)? I can see Folty giving way to an opener.
  2. Gulp. That's some Phillies lineup. The stepping on the 1B was blown out of proportion unless you're a Brewers or Aguilar fan. So what if some fans don't like him? That said, you'd like to see him go someplace where he feels welcome and the fans greet him with open arms. I'd love to see him as a SF Giant and he'd do fine hitting with power at Oracle, but realistically they're not in position. Even though it's between the White Sox and Phillies rat now, I gotta think the Yankees are lurking in the background. How often does a chance like getting a top 10 player come up, but you don't want to overpay either. Look at what the Dodgers gave up for a rental.
  3. You can have DJ. I'll take Trout and Betts every time. DJ is a guy who's around the middle area in terms of fantasy. Slightly below, but not a bad pickup in the middle rounds when was at Coors and Rockies. That's a good question whether moving out of Coors affects him and about the short porch. My hunch is he gets rated lower. ETA: I checked Tristan Cockcroft first. Just checked some others and I think DJ's ranked higher than the middle. I think he finished strong last year, so that could have been favorable.
  4. He's not part of the offense unless he's open for a 3, usually in the corner, or he grabs an offensive board. He'll get STLs, 3s and not turn the ball over. Is that enough for standard leagues?
  5. Suns are a hurrible team. Only player I like is Ayton. Booker gets a lot of fantasy stats though if you can stomach his turnovers. I like Ariza, but he needs someone to feed him. He's my worst player, so will be dropping him as someone hot becomes available. Montrezl Harrell got snatched up via waivers by someone who had priority.
  6. It's Dodgers v Red Sox. The best teams after the crazy stuff that happened in the LCS. I think the Red Sox are favored because of pitching and home field advantage. That said, I only got two games right in all of the LCS games played. Before that, I had predicted all of the wild card and playoff games right. My projections have the Red Sox to win it all, so I'm going the opposite and pick the Dodgers.