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  1. 8 moves a week. Should be on settings. Cap per year? Absolutely not. Never on that.
  2. $200 12 team Baseball H2H points Yahoo cash league drafting March 22nd at 9Est. Will be a points league and payouts are: 1st $1100 2nd $700 3rd $200 $200 to best record during regular season. $200 to most points in regular season. Should be a super fun and competitive league. Here is link to join Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks guys.
  3. Bump. Funds are handled through leaguesafe and PayPal. Have 10 paid as of right now
  4. League has been running 10+years. All funds through leaguesafe. Have 10 in as of right now. Looking to be a 16 team league.
  5. A max of 50 moves for an entire season? In H2H? Is that serious?