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  1. When do u guys think is a good time to stash him?He’s suppose to be back by 2/6 my playoffs start early which is the last week of feb.Is he worth picking up?
  2. Dang what a bad for me first it was myles now steph😐
  3. I just got this guy on the 5th round..any idea if he will get traded?what do we expect from him this season?
  4. Steph curry(1st Pick) then Kawhi(2nd Pick)Steph+Booker/Donovan This is for Espn Points league.What do u guys think?
  5. How about Steph Curry?who would u pair him up with?
  6. Who would u guys pair Embiid with?This is for espn league Points 14 team thank you in advance.
  7. Sup everybody!I’m in a 14 team league espn points and i have the 6th pick!Who would take pick lebron/joker/embiid?Who to pair these players with?embiid+?bron+?any help advice/suggestions is appreciated thank you
  8. I’m in Espn league wish i can get drummond but he’s rank way super high.No chance for me to get him at all.How About pairing him up with Myles?JJJ?suggestions?
  9. i’m in a 14 team league i’m thinking of taking him in the 6th..u guys think it’s too early or just about right?Any suggestions who to pair him up with?
  10. I have the 6th pick on a 14 team league espn points.I was thinking curry or jokic for the 6th pick.Any suggestions who else i should consider taking on the 6th pick?Who would u also pair up with either jokic or curry?Any help/suggestions/advise is appreciated thank you in advance 😊🤘
  11. I have the 6th pick this coming season on espn points league.If jokic or lebron falls to me on draft day.I prefer jokic who can i pair him up with?lebron who can i pair him up?Any help/suggestions/ is appreciated thank you in advance
  12. I need help/opinion who to Pair Lebron with on a 14 Team?Who is out there realistically i can pair him up with?Btw this is on espn..any suggestions/help/opinion is appreciated thank you
  13. I’m in a 14 team league espn points!I’m planning on grabbing Gobert with my 1st or 2nd pick depends were i land on draft order..i’m thinking pairing gobert with turner/drummond/Ayton any input/suggestion is appreciated..How would u rank those players ty
  14. I’m New to this if someone could please help me or educate me regarding abiut drafting ty.My Question is would u draft the same even if it’s a different format like 8/9Cat H2H or Points leage?Thanks in advance
  15. How about for Points league?How would u draft in points league?Would u treat it like 9Cat H2H?does it even matter?
  16. I need help pls who do i use for this week between the two?Who do u guys like?This is for my last spot on my team.My team Harden/capela/gobert/millsap/crowder/buddy/j rich/Sato/T bryant/ J murray/garris/redick/favors..Help pls my semifinals starts tomorrow thank you😅🤞
  17. My PO starts next week!Any update or when should we see the lord back on the floor?
  18. What were u expecting from howard?He is coming back.
  19. Any idea when we should expect him back?I hope he gets back in shape before the PO starts😊🤞
  20. Excited to have this guy back and PO is right around the corner😊
  21. I’ll take a chance with dwight and they have a good PO sched.I’ll be happy with 10 Points and few rbds👊
  22. Bbm has this guy coming back on 2/21 and wizz have a nice playoff schedule4-4-4 hope he does play again this year.I can use him.
  23. I just want garris and murray to be healthy for once and deliver during the playoffs after all of the headache he has given during the season!