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  1. STUD! Just wait until he starts catching the ball past the money stripe!
  2. Thanks Elf, and you're not being punk'd. I thought he had a down game last week vs Pittsburgh and I think Baltimore Defense is going to pose just as challenging. Didn't know if I should wait for him to boom before I start him again. My starting RB's are D. Murray and D. Cook. Thanks again.
  3. Who should I start in my flex this week in my PPR league? K. Rudolph R. Anderson D. Henry A. Kamara I. Crowell I know that Crowell is probably the best of this bunch but wasn't sure if Baltimore def would give you pause in light of the other options.
  4. Anybody starting him today? What are your projections? i see 49ers playing from behind most of the afternoon and needing to play catchup. 4/70/1 possible.
  5. Perine should not be on the waver wire in a 14 team league. I'd definitely scoop him up. He is better then all of the options you've mentioned and he has a real chance to start even without an injury.
  6. I actually think this is a pretty fair trade overall. In fact you may have won this deal since there isn't much difference between M.Thomas and J. Nelson. Where you actually really made out was swapping Joe Mixon for Dalvin Cook now don't get me wrong Mixon can be a stud IF he can win the starting job. But for now you need the RB that can start right away with Martin suspended and the uncertain McFadden scenario. Davlin Cook gives you the best chance to come out of the gate hot using him as one of your starting RB's. Thanks for mine.
  7. With the MIA and TB game now postponed I'm in need of a replacement for my Flex spot: Which one should I Start in place of Parker? Robby Anderson Marquise Goodwin Derrick Henry Zach Ertz Forgot to mention that this is a full PPR league.
  8. I stand corrected- your critique if you please. I was planning to ask an additional question about a particular trade but decided against that and failed to update the heading.
  9. Rate my team. 3 person keeper (Cooper, Murray, OBJ) 12 team PPR we start 1QB 2RB 2WR 2Flex 1Def QB – Mariota WR – Cooper WR –Beckham RB – D Murray RB - Crowell WR/RB/TE- D Cook WR/RB/TE –D Parker TE – Rudolph Def – Falcons (this week) Bench – Z Ertz, R Anderson, C Carson, K Golladay, D Henry, Jamaal Williams, Chiefs