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  1. Here is my final rant for the season. Just suffered my 5th loss in a row, and the playoffs are now all but out of reach. Started the season 4-0, and was the highest scoring team in my league. Over the past five weeks, I have been the lowest scoring team (12 team 0.5 PPR), and also have had the highest points scored against. The single biggest cause for my misery was Melvin Gordon's return, which reduced my Ekeler from a top 5 option do a mid range RB2. Keenan Allen's massive decline since Week 3 also didn't help, along with drafting busts like Mixon and losing stability in the dreaded TE position when Dissily went down. I can enjoy the rest of the season worry free and actually watch games and not just fantasy stats now that I have been eliminated so early in the year.
  2. I owned him a few years ago, and he consistently killed my team weekly. I needed more of that punishment when I started him the past two weeks. There is no hope left, banish him to the WW and don't look back.
  3. On a day where guys like Goedert, J. Smith, and even R. Griffin found paydirt, owners who picked this bum up must be especially pissed
  4. And there it is ! Winless in the month of October in my league since 2017. Special thanks to Fitz and Buffalo Defense for being complete turds. T. Coleman was on my WW for a few weeks early in the season after he got injured, and I refused to pick him up since I owned him last year (he sucked) and the Niners were running a 3 to 4 man committee.
  5. If there was an award to most points left on the bench in a season, I would win the gold.
  6. Sat Mixon, started Ekeler, complete duds from K. Allen and Fitz. The infinite suck and wrong decisions prolong my nightmare October (3 losses in a row and lowest scoring team/most points against)
  7. Great week for my opponent to pick up Goedert and for me to start the Bills D !
  8. What a disaster. Hamstring injuries are the worst for WR's. It's been all been downhill for this guy and his owners after week 3.
  9. Lock and loaded baby, gimme those 2 catches for 13 yards on Sunday
  10. Went up against Bailey last night, opponent picked up Ty Johnson (whose gonna put up RB1 numbers against the Giants), and my K. Allen and J. Jacobs might not even suit up. Fourth loss in a row imminent, and I haven't won a fantasy game in October since 2017 !
  11. [...] Even if he plays he most likely will put up a 3/48/0 stat line.
  12. Any of those offers should be accepted by you post haste. Bell has an easy schedule, and you are stacked at WR, so you can afford giving up Sutton. I would preferably go with trade offer #1 because Samuel & Sanders offer more value for your squad than Herndon.