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  1. They are just as accurate as the latest roto blurb. They aren't coming up with this estimate themselves, just putting the latest reported date up there. Not saying it's good or bad, just letting you know.
  2. Apparently Sheppard is coming back. So is Engram. Is Tate droppable by any chance in Half PPR?
  3. This guy is such a loser man it's not even funny. I am not drafting this guy ever again. Lost me fg% last week and just dropped another 0/8 bomb lol
  4. RIP FG% 1st game on the 1st day of championship week 😂
  5. In 14min. Imagine the line with 30, this is horse****
  6. Only 6 minutes without fouls on a crucial day. f--- you Fisdale
  7. 7/5 1blk in 10min and hasn't left the bench but other bums are getting tons of minutes
  8. MIL plays Cleveland again this week hopefully they just rest him till next week
  9. Is this guy good for 25 rebounds over the next 3 games?
  10. MIL plays cleveland twice this week. Rest up Giannis 🤞😏
  11. 6 mins in with 0s across-the-board. I knew I shouldn't have picked up someone with a terrible name like purtle
  12. This guy is sucking cock at the worst time f***in hell man
  13. Is this guy forrreal? Has anybody watched? Need consistent 8+ rebounds