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  1. Check "Locked On Fantasy Basketball" on Youtube. Here's a 16 Team Auction mock draft:
  2. YAHOO PRO LEAGUES ARE OPEN!!! Yes, they do take a $100 cut for $100 leagues:)
  3. If you've setup a Yahoo league, and linked it with League Safe; I'd like to hear your about your experience and process. I'm considering it too as all the money goes to the winners without Yahoo taking a cut; (like a $100 out of the 12-Team $100 leagues).
  4. I've joined a few PRO leagues now and this seems to be the most efficient and trustworthy process: Create a Yahoo League with standard settings (I like 12-Team, H2H, 9-CAT), then register that league on LeagueSafe (which charges a 4% service fee when managers pay ~ So that's how LS makes it's money); but it creates trust that the money is safe, cannot be siphoned off by a commissioner, and will be allocated appropriately; and ALL the winnings go to the players. When creating a league; spell out the winnings. $100 PRO league Example; 1st=$500, 2nd=$350, 3rd=$200, 4th-$150 (I like top 4 getting paid:) On the League's message board, spell out the winnings again, and add the link for League Safe payments. Open league to 14+ players with a cutoff for the first 12 that buy in; otherwise people join and don't pay and others can't join. Maintain flexibility for draft times as you may need to extend the time to give managers more time to pay up front. Once you have your 12, lock in the draft time. You can open joining to paypal payments; then pay that money into LS, or commissioner held; but you really gotta trust the commissioner for that. I took a chance of that for one league and so far so good; though he may ask for an extra $4 to put the money into LS. Any other experiences are appreciated.
  5. The word is out and he's going a round or two earlier now. Generally expect him to get 16-4-4-1-1 (1x 3, 1x STL). Probably close to what a healthy Gordon Haywood will do with less 3s and FT%.
  6. Embiid went 6th in a $100 Yahoo PRO league draft last night (12-Team H2H 9-CAT). Those numbers look so good when building a team.
  7. Yeah, I'm in one of those; Number 73. I'll have to double check the payout setting. As mentioned before, manager has a successful history. Same guy offers the league's I'm most interested in joining because they are standard H2H 9-CAT. This first join was a test case.
  8. Took a shot and joined a Yahoo Custom $100 PRO league last night. Option to pay in via League Safe (4% service charge added), or Paypal. Most went with Paypal, but that's probably a bit less trustworthy than LS. Several last minute additions and payments so had a two hour delay from original draft time. Competitive draft (though I hated my position: ~ 12th) League setting were Yahoo H2H 9-CAT standard. Manager has a history of running these so that adds to the trust factor.
  9. These days there's usually 2~3 managers semi-punting FT% when they get any two of Giannis, Lebron, Drummond, Gobert, Luka, Simmons, Draymond, Capela, then chase Adams in the mid rounds. Getting three~four of these guys puts you in the drivers seat for that strategy. (FG%, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO)
  10. Hilarious but appreciate giving us something to think about and pick apart while waiting for the season. I wonder if Yahoo will even have PRO leagues this year. Quick take' Collins, Trae, Saikam OK but no extra ADP value, Sabonis, Morant & Jamal Murray will be OK for their ADP, Draymond OK, Tobias is still solid for 4th~5th round (9 CAT h2h, 12 team), Wes Matthews, DSJ, Lonzo, Luka FG%/FT%???, Millsap = Bust.
  11. Yahoo PRO leagues: Everyone buys in to join; Generally guaranteed fairness but Yahoo takes a cut. Still, it's my first option if it becomes available. LeagueSafe sounds good as all the money goes to the winners; but how do you ensure everyone buys in if you create a league? I like leagues that adhere to the Yahoo H2H 9 CAT defaults so really want the details spelled out before joining; or create my own league as fairly as possible with minimal commissioner control.
  12. I've had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders (after 30 years of basketball) so speak from experience (maybe too much as Dray is younger than me - but probably has more B'ball miles than me too:)
  13. Why won't the team give Draymond a MRI? Every player get one now after every tweak and twerk as part of due diligence.
  14. Seems reasonable for a game or two, but they are risking injury to Durant so a week is excessive.
  15. Sounds like Draymond has a rotator cuff tear. Coaches commonly try to hide this and cortisone shots can extend him a few games but eventually he'll have to have surgery. Extended Shoulder Pain = Rotator Cuff Tear 99% of the time. That's what Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard had. They both came back 100% after surgery.