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  1. Out for this week and seeing another concussion specialist. At this point, I’m thinking of cutting him. It seems like it’s just a waiting game before he goes on IR at this point.
  2. I’d play Samuel and MVS. I don’t want anything to do with the Miami offense. help with mine?
  3. Hill and Jacobs if he plays. help with mine?
  4. HPPR I’ve been offered Melvin Gordon and Jefferey for my Lockett. My current RBs are Gurley, Mack, White and my WRs are Adams, Lockett, Cooper, Boyd, J Brown, and Marvin Jones. As long as Adams comes back healthy I feel like this is a good move as it adds RB depth. But Melvin hasn’t looked normal since his return. Thoughts? WHIR
  5. Drake, good chance he gets moved and if it’s Detroit he’s likely the starter.
  6. Nagy is top of the list of coaches that should lose their job this season.
  7. OBriens use of Hopkins this season has been criminal. He’s decided only Fuller gets targeted further than 5 yards downfield. Smart move when you have the best receiver in football and you’re only throwing him little screen passes.
  8. Can’t stand coaches that refuse to play the best RB. Although Rojo pass blocking has been dicey. Not sure about today since I’m not watching this one.
  9. Brown in for red zone carries and predictably the drive dies after Gurley was getting chunk yards the whole drive. Good job McVay.
  10. You cant start him this week unless you're really desperate. They play Monday and theres a chance he doesnt even play. If he does, theres no way to predict his usage. You have to hope he gets either first two down role and goaline or the passing role.
  11. Didnt practice today but was jogging off to the side which is a good sign.
  12. Charm and bump Sanders from your starting lineup for Michel. help with mine?