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  1. He's already averaging 11/6/2.6 with 1.8 blks and 0.4 3s in 25 mins... and thats with a few games where he obviously wasn't comfortable and getting into the flow of things. 13/6/3 seems like his floor and he could get more blks. They have a lot of incentive to keep playing him and the trend does seem like hes getting more comfortable and more minutes are coming his way albeit slowly. 13-15 pts/ 8-9 rebounds/ 3 asts/ 1.8 blks and 0.5-0.8 3pts seems pretty easily achievable to me..
  2. I think this depends on what categories or stats you need. AG gives better FG and rebounds and defensive stats. Booker will give more FT impact, and more assists.. and probably more points.
  3. CJ Mccollum + Ricky Rubio for Lebron James. What side do you prefer? Who wins?
  4. Yea.. I've thought about this quite a bit too.. but since each team is allowed 4 keepers - quite a few guys are already taken and guys left seem to more naturally fit into a punt FT strat. I get a little impatient drafting for value - and just had this crazy idea. I mean the team looks sort of ridiculous - with rebs/blks/fg/stls/ast all looking like they'd be off the charts strong. But yea I know a safer and more reliable play will definitely be to catch good value where I can.. just think this is the one time I have enough money and enough advantage to dive into a strat like this. Thanks for the advice and I'll prob go into it balanced still.
  5. Due to the nature of my league(keeper, auction) and who has been kept... I'm considering something a little crazy. I have tons of money, and a huge advantage with Jokic being 5 bucks(out of 200). I'm thinking of just going all out on a triple punt of PTS/FT and 3s.. and drafting the guys I want at all costs... This would be something like: (or possibly like CP3 + Gobert instead of Giannis + Deandre - These would probably be similar costs) Rondo Rubio Kris Dunn Jokic Deandre Jordan Drummond Roberson Andre Iguodala Giannis MKG Steven Adams Dewayne Dedmon Thad Young I am pretty sure I have enough money to draft all these guys - and it'd be a pretty strong strategy I believe... but also quite risky. I also feel that other value may fall elsewhere - so I could possibly have more money and instead of some of the bottom feeders - Kris Dunn/Roberson/MKG/Dewayne Dedmon - at least one could be another decent guard/big. Does this triple punt strat seem strong? - assuming I can get all these guys. Worth it to go all in for?
  6. This was from my last week draft 12-man H2H 9 Cat. It's strong Punt ast - but not sure if its very well balanced.