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  1. Petitioning to change thread to title 1978 - ∞. 🙏
  2. Thought the same exact thing. Kobe's 81 came against TO. Would be absolutely amazing.
  3. Brunson was the first piece I thought of when I seen the Wolves/Mavs rumors. I'm assuming that Minny will go after the bigger fish first though. DLo, Aaron Holiday, and there's probably another 1-2 off the radar they are interested in. If they miss out on those, they'll probably focus on Brunson. I'm assuming RoCo can get them a PG a tier above Brunson. They'll probably do their due diligence first, obviously. Can definitely see Brunson happening tho.
  4. He'll be re-evaluated in 8 to 10 weeks. That means he'll be re-evulauated week 20 to 22. Our season ends week 21. Best case scenario he comes back right as playoffs starts. Not to mention limitations. I'm literally forced to hold a player that will get me zero stats the rest of the season...
  5. Because you get to fill his roster spot? I'm carrying a dead spot for the next 3 months. Do you know how difficult it is to play a man down for half the season?
  6. You're all lucky, I own him in a dynasty league. 😢 With that said, this was probably best case scenario considering how it looked. Rest up, king. 🙏
  7. I've been a big fan of his for years. How does something like this happen to a player's career? I understand KAT's career started out as Dieng was finding his niche, but still. You play well, improve every year, start 82 games and play 32 mpg, get a 4 year extension by your team, and then immediately drop down to 15 mpg? They couldn't find any more minutes for this kid? They couldn't find any possible way to trade him to not waste some prime years of his playing career? I've always thought it was a bit bizarre how underutilized he was right after playing some very solid basketball.
  8. I'm not one of those guys trying to start drama pulling up old quotes, but thank you for catching the jinx for our boy to up his steals. Appreciate your contribution. 😂
  9. They actually DID interview him during the game. He said he feels good, the medical staff has been great, and he wishes he was out there playing on Christmas Day because all his friends and family came to watch him. Ariel then tried to get a return date out of him and he dodged the question. He said he has trust in the medical staff and he was sure when they felt he was ready would be the right time to return.
  10. As much as I need his stats, I’m excited for this break for him. I think he’s fatigued. The fact that he’s started the last two games strong, but tailed off before the half makes me think he just doesn’t have his legs. He obviously hasn’t lost his touch, he just can’t sustain like he was at the beginning of the year. Hes also on the scouting report thanks to that 40 point game. I think he needs to re-equilibrate. Get some fresh legs, know when to settle for a 2 once and a while. Hes at almost twice as many minutes as he played ALL of last year in 14 less games. He’s essentially a rookie as far as navigating an NBA schedule is concerned. Thrown into 35+ minutes a night had him hitting that wall a lot harder than he would have. My two cents. We’ll see if he can manage to get back on track from an efficiency stand point.
  11. This is the equivalent of watching one of your favorite wrestlers get jumped by two other wrestlers and then you hear the walkout music for his reinforcements start playing.
  12. I think there's two main reasons for this. 1) Vooch is above and beyond the Magic's best player. Having him on the floor takes a lot of pressure off of everybody else. Both defensive pressure/attention and the pressure to create for oneself and others around them. 2) I think the bigger factor is Vucevic is literally the Magic's only play maker. Their point guards don't put guys in better positions. AG, Ross, and Fournier are black holes. I don't have statistics about Isaac's points off of other players assists, but I'd be comfortable betting Vuc is probably his highest shot creator. I think this was evident right when Vuc went down (AG went down at the same time so that made matters slightly worse). Isaac seemed like he was forcing things trying to be the number one option. I just don't think he's ready for that quite yet. I think this season should be about him moving without the ball to score half of his points off of easy baskets created by others. And the other half of points should be him given a little bit of freedom to create. This would be an ideal balance in my mind to try and get him comfortable as more of a creator moving forward without sacrificing his contributions on offense completely.