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  1. Agreed with you Chud. I think Barton has the higher upside as he has the ball in his hands way more which obviously increases usage rate and just crashes the boards way more. His herky jerky, euro stepping instant offense is just better suited for fantasy. I was extremely concerned that he would be in a 6 man role and continue to stay there to not ruin any of the early Denver success but I was clearly wrong. I think if you are looking for popcorn stats, Barton is your guy while Garris might be better in steals and is a better "glue guy." All that to say, Gary Harris > Barton in real life and it's easy to see why Harris got paid more, and yes I realize he was a FA in the peak of TV revenue money.
  2. Was reading an article about how Taurean has been struggling to adapt to the new system put in by Pierce. He was a draft pick by the previous regime which is why he's technically on the "block." He;s not handling the ball as much as Trae and Huerter have kind of taken ball handling responsibilities. Still a great spot up shooter and decent....defender. A trade would almost certainly help his value.
  3. Keep Bron. I don't think I'd take Booker + Siakam + Nurk for Bron in my 12 teamer H2H and I'm also fading fast.
  4. Accept your $100 loss and call it a learning experience. I would never veto a trade if there was no collusion but this is the most lopsided trade I've seen for a top fantasy superstar.
  5. There's a couple videos of him shooting stand still 3 pointers and him hoisting a one handed full court shot. Still would like to see him run before making any assumptions but I bet he also sits Thursday, unless AD is a Laker by then.
  6. Wow...I don't know if yahoo can veto it but that's very lopsided... I also wouldn't say 15 games back at this point of the season is already eliminated...half way through, there's one 8-1 and 1-8 week that cuts that deficit in half.
  7. I would rather have WB than Lowry and LMA. Side note, wow you have a really stacked team for it being a 14 team keeper.
  8. If both managers thought they would benefit from the trade, why would you veto? Seems petty. Butler may be the best fantasy option out of the 3 but it's a marginal upgrade over Booker at best. I'd rather have Booker over Butler, Middleton ROS. With the way Middleton is struggling right now, you could probably get him to bite if you threw in any of your lower guys.
  9. Recent foul trouble and just game flow (blowouts).
  10. Why? Vetoes should not be allowed if two managers both want to make the trade, assuming they aren't colluding.
  11. I HATE yahoo but this is actually cool. It's not a limit, it tells you that you have one more player going than your opponent while he's had one more so as of Monday. Screw yahoo.
  12. Anyone else concerned with this and how it could impact his rest of season outlook? https://newsok.com/article/5613765/paul-george-playing-through-nerve-issue-in-his-foot
  13. At what point does SVG say screw it and give his former lotto pick Henry Ellenson some minutes?