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  1. Titans lost the TB if Steelers won their last 2 and went 10-6 so it didn't matter. Non conference games don't factor into TBs so the Steelers lost a conference game week 16 and the Titans didn't.
  2. Not sure why you'd say it was a no brainer. I'd say Washington was the safer choice and Boone more upside.
  3. I have both in my keeper league. Kamara hasn't been much worse yards or ypc. He just hasn't gotten the tds. There were maybe 2 weeks were I think the injuries significantly impacted him. Besides that, just hasn't gotten tds.
  4. Yet he exploded last week? The injury stuff comes up after terrible performances. Tons of guys are banged up.
  5. A lot of people are in big leagues too. If you're in a 14-16 team league, an opportunity to play a Vikings starting RB vs a bad run defense is probably automatic unless your team is ridiculously loaded and you have no injuries.
  6. Unless his finish to the season was the start of a trend. Defensive coordinators figured out how to neutralize him?
  7. I see Locket's roll shrinking with Metcalf getting more experience and wouldn't be surprised if they bring in someone new. Plus, still going to be a running team. Penny was coming on strong before the injury. I'm always going to think of that performance vs Arizona. 1 catch on 8 targets vs a practice squad bum named Chris Smith and the worst passing defense in the league. No idea how you chit the bed that badly.
  8. Talent is off the charts, but I don't trust Tannehill over a full season as the guy. I still see 1000+ yards and 6-8 TDs though. Drops a little bit in full point PPR.
  9. Brutal matchup. There are only certain guys matchup proof and Miller ain't it.
  10. He's not injured right now, look at last week, and he just caught 1 of 8 targets vs a practice squad bum named Chris Smith. I would still consider drafting him for the right price but he is the definition of boom or bust. If you don't like boom or bust players then he's a DND.
  11. Packers run defense is dogchit. Boone should have a big day as long as he's the main guy.
  12. 10 points from Boone. Should have went with Washington so I wouldn't have had to sweat.
  13. Is it the coaches' fault he had 8 targets and 1 catch?