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  1. Nope just doesn’t seem like he’s part of the gameplan this week.
  2. No mri scheduled right? Haven’t seen anything we may be ok.
  3. He’s playing damn near every snap in Houston. He’s not competing with Kupp and Woods anymore. Deshaun locks on to his main guys. I think he’s a WR2/3. Deshaun missed him a few times for easy tds.
  4. did you watch him play? He has zero vision and seems like a plodder.
  5. He was open a lot Russ just didn’t look his way. Hopefully they review the tape and get him more looks. Russ just seemed to fall in love with DK this game.
  6. I don’t think he even played much in the first half.
  7. Yeah I’m about to field trades for Lamar while he still has value.
  8. they blew everybody out last year and they ran up the score. I damn sure remember Lamar running up the score numerous of times.
  9. As long as the defense/special teams don’t score I believe Lamar will put up some numbers this week, positive regression.
  10. lol he won’t play the chiefs again. He will stat pad against Washington.
  11. If they take the ball out of mayfield’s hands which they are doing I don’t see them being as bad as people say. Chubb and Hunt are carrying them and will get all the opportunities to do so.
  12. I like the deal for you Colts Oline is brilliant so Taylor will be fine. Plus Rivers is a fantasy gem for RBs. Henry will get going.