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  1. Who has a better ros value.. Im in a 16 man league.. Grant is on fa... Tia
  2. For me i wouldnt do it... You will wasting towns efficiency..
  3. I think he will be better on the bench
  4. Are you using 5-4 strategy.. You aint number 1 if you are just winning 5 wins a week
  5. Anyone using a 5-4 strategy is plain stupid... I have drummond i will never consider winning 5 cats only... I will just wasting my time
  6. I like bagleys potential.. Im more than willing to risk on lamb than sticking with gary harris... So ill do the trade
  7. Update he is giving up ti tomorrow.. Im just hesitant that it this is just a good stretch for wiggins
  8. Ill go with luka+trae or butler.. Less than that i will not do the trade... He wants harden he has to pay more
  9. Im gonna go withg pg package.. Dame is durable but they are out of the playoff picture...pg13 will play all the way.. Ill risk lavine to get elite production in pg position..