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  1. 3rd game back from a foot injury - gotta wait a couple weeks
  2. four fts too. Somehow he had been averaging 1.3 fts per game before this. Idk how thats possible
  3. With Zion coming back soon and Favors uncertainty I wouldnt say hes a must hold depending on your situation
  4. Id imagine its close to even. Questionable means different things for different teams and players so i doubt its something that you can actually quantify
  5. Bertans back takes some pressure off of him. Have a feeling hes gonna continues these big games while Beal is out
  6. Its his non shooting hand. Its entirely possible and probable that its around 1 month missed
  7. Heres a fantastic example of why to never listen to anything thats ever said in these forums. Claiming 8-12 weeks when you have not a single clue what you're talking about is not helpful.
  8. Its likely 2-4 weeks so just keep for now
  9. Hes one of those guys that i watch and really have absolutely no clue if hes good or not
  10. Any word if hes starting again tomorrow with Markieff out? they play Saturday and Sunday so may be a solid stream