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  1. I play in a league with close friends, thats pretty high stakes, and we locked waiver transactions until theres an announcement on when play will resume.
  2. Crazy that Trump deployed his bots into the Rotoworld fantasy forums
  3. Lol you use the common flu stats to try and back up your overreaction argument but are dismissing the numbers that are coming out about the Corona Virus. Sounds legit
  4. Are you a scientist? Or do you know anything about viruses like this? Im gonna say no, you're just a conspiracy theorist that goes against the grain about everything to try and sound smart. People like you are just as dangerous as the people that are overreacting to the fullest. This isnt The Walking Dead, but its likely a very serious event that many people worldwide will die from in the next year or so.
  5. I mean, it is. Its atleast 10x more deadly than the seasonal flu so thats pretty serious depending on how old you are and what pre existing conditions you have.
  6. Only way i see that happening is if the players begin getting sick. Apparently, the virus will peak by June, so maybe some of the playoff series and finals will be played with out a crowd. Highly doubt it effects fantasy season.
  7. Have they said anything about a minutes restriction? Debating whether or not to play him tonight
  8. He has massive cold streaks like this every single year. I dont think you can drop
  9. People on an internet forum questioning professional athletes toughness will never not be funny to me.
  10. Definitely isnt a good thing but its not catastrophic. He will lose rebounds and blocks for sure but his scoring will stay the same
  11. Sure. I think the clippers will try to turn it on at the end of the regular season.