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  1. LEEEZZZZZZZ GOOOOO Happy trees for all. I'm honestly happy for him being out of Miami finally.
  2. Hodges #1 Waiver pick up. Looked like Brett Favre that drive.
  3. Welp. Now JuJu's value is completely gone. Hope youre OK, Mason.
  4. FFS, Gallman. This makes me quite perturbed.
  5. Can someone watching this game please paint me a picture of why Hopkins continues to not get targets or catches? Respectfully concerned, Bob
  6. 23.54.... As I said, the happiest little RB2 in PPR ROS if the Steelers continue to play this small ball, clock control game.
  7. I'm adjusting my Connor mural to a Samuel mural as we speak. Samuel's numbers are crazy: 2/2 28yds passing, 118.8 QBR. 8 carries vs. 7 carries for Connor. 28yds rushing. 6 for 45 receiving on 6 targets (also same as Conner). 1 TD. 20.52 PPR points as it stands now.
  8. Samuel is an RB2 with very high upside in PPR ROS.
  9. I couldn't have painted a worse picture of what JuJu's remaining season looks like as what Mason Rudolph and the Steelers offense is painting for me right now.
  10. I'd rather my paint brushes dry out than watch this.
  11. For christ's sake. This little **** Rudolph tries getting JuJu killed and is successful. Get f*cked, prick.
  12. I obviously painted the wrong picture of Richardson's day.
  13. I couldn't have painted a better September for Ekeler. What a run. See you around, fella.
  14. Hopkins, you noodle armed chump. I get home from a painting gig and see you have an INT and 1 catch. I hope the next time you're shaking a can of paint the lid pops off. FU.
  15. Starting him over Woods at WR3 in my 3 WR league. Full confidence.
  16. I have Woods at WR3 in my 3WR league. Had planned to start Scary Terry over him at 3, but with the injury I'm now deciding between Woods and Richardson and TBH, I'm probably going with Richardson. The Rams just have too many hands to get the ball into and Woods is going to have bad games because of it.