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  1. The Merry Christmas mother f****** was a nice touch
  2. As a Watson owner that is going to suck. TD off the board and they’ll probably give it to Hyde right after
  3. Needed 14 from Kamara, but it was not meant to be. Fitting that my last hopes of the season (as I’m sure many others were as well) would be on his shoulders and he came up short. Just didn’t see any chance he would have a season like this.
  4. Fant appeared to hurt his shoulder after a big gain on 4th down
  5. Flexing him today. Loved what I’ve seen with him when given opportunities and he and Manning were clicking in the first half on MNF
  6. I like Higbee a lot. He’s been a huge part of their offense last two weeks and Everett is out again today. Cowboys D also susceptible to giving up plays in his route tree.
  7. Nope, going against him as we speak. Not happy lol