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  1. 9 cat H2h dynasty league. Would you make this trade? WHIR
  2. Honestly... I think Charlotte just sucks.
  3. Might watch a bit of Golden State to behold how quickly they have fallen too
  4. Just has to hit a few more shots and his value will soar.
  5. He had a pretty average FG% and 3% in college up to his last year. I don't know what happened to it. If he hit 1 or 2 more shots a game his value is already insane.
  6. I had bacon last year too and he looks the same as back then. Not much improvement. A player isn't going to improve his steal rate much but the inefficiency is too much. Asts devonte and Rozier are doing the handling. Might as well grab a vet from the wire at this point, not a high ceiling here.
  7. Love this guy... Trying to temper my expectations of him in dynasty
  8. Interested in the Owls. Please send invite to
  9. If you have an IR and don't mind a down year, Oladipo is a good choice. Love would be better if you can't wait or play in a paying league.
  10. I like Randle and Murray. Don't like the low stocks Harris gets.
  11. I would do that or just keep jokic and trade Lillard for a high pick.
  12. 16 team h2h 8 cat dynasty. Who wins? Wiggins+fultz+Seth Curry+2nd rookie pick next year for Troy brown+Grant Williams+CJ McCollum+Alonzo trier