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  1. im really confused... i'll probably put Bo ahead of williams because wilkins has practiced today, but not confident at all
  2. Wilkins limited at practice today. Dont know if this means much...
  3. Any news about colts practice? i read something about ty hilton but didnt see anything about the rbs. are wilkins practicing? trying to decide the pick between Bo and williams
  4. Any information about his injury? Is he going to be available this week? need him badly now that mack broke his hand
  5. Well, he had surgery on his hands today. anyone know if hes a safe drop for fantasy purposes ? dont now the time to recover, anyone read something?
  6. Its snowing in GB. does the snow affect a lot QB play? are you guys worried? i know its wednesday, but just trying to get some opinions
  7. Im starting with confidence. It is now or never. Last week started marvin jones against OAK and did fine
  8. He wont practice tomorrow, but doesnt seem to be a major issue
  9. Jets are signing RB Josh Adams. Not good.
  10. Im guessing if bell is out, the guy to own is jamisn crowder and not the Rbs
  11. I dropped him. But im on a loosing streak and need to win now if i were near the playoffs I would hold
  12. Haskins is making the start goodbye sweet prince