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  1. Still, he keeps himself on the court with efficient scoring like this. I'm optimistic the peripherals are otw.
  2. Strictly a 3's and points guy, but one of the better ones.
  3. Never seen those guys avg 3 3's for the season.
  4. Still in his prime, I think he'll be fine and worth the pickup as #3 in Houston. How many other guys can average 3 triples a game sitting on the wire?
  5. Ehh, it's still the 1st qtr and he's got a block at least.
  6. Looking like he might be back for Sunday's game against NOP, per the Houston Chronicle. Time to pick up if he's available.
  7. Jokic wins if he starts playing hungry again.
  8. Wondering if this guy has turned a corner on his 3-ball. He's currently shooting 44.5% from 3 which is not sustainable, but could we be looking at a dude who hovers around ~40% for the ROS?
  9. Chris wouldn't like all this fighting yall.
  10. Had a block in the 3rd that's gone uncredited.
  11. Clutch in the end of regulation to save the hawks. Let's see what he does in OT.