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  1. I'm accepting the trade. I ended up getting AJ Green out of it, but not sure if I'll ever start him. He was the only non-starting WR on his team that he was willing to trade. Thanks for your help everyone. God speed to you all.
  2. I'd rather drop Jeudy in that case. You have stud WR's.
  3. Who else do you have at WR? I would never realistically start Jeudy because he's inconsistent and Denver's offense is meh. They haven't looked all that great and rookie WR's are hard to trust. Having Harris can be a decent plug in if you're in bye week hell or injuries got you. He's not great, but he's good enough to get a 5 point floor for a plug in. Help?
  4. I would make the trade. I don't see Barkley being the RB1 like he has been. He's severely capped on the Giants and he's been injured almost every year now. This trade helps you this year and you're still fighting for a W so I wouldn't sacrifice this season for a keeper next year. Help mine?
  5. That's a huge over pay. Moss is still splitting carries with Singletary where the offense runs through Josh Allen. JuJu is a WR3 with WR2 upside at best. Miller throws up donuts and you can't rely on him especially with AB coming to town. Jimmy G is whatever, even in a super flex, so don't mind losing him. However, DJ has been trending up and is looking like a SOLID WR2 with upside moving forward. Gage is another expendable piece. I think you can get much more for DJ Moore tbh. help mine?
  6. Jefferson Parker Aiyuk That's my top 3 Help mine?
  7. For the Julio owner, you can offer Edmonds/Henderson + Arob/McLaurin and see if he bites. If not, I wouldn't mind sending Zeke + Chark/Parker if possible. Assuming he would want a stronger WR, I would send whoever you like less between ARob and McLaurin (for me, it's ARob). If you can sell Zeke for Robison and Thielen, I would make that trade over trade scenario #1. However, if you can't make that swing, Robison + a WR that isn't Thielen where you can add depth or maybe even upside would be nice too.
  8. Yeah, go for it. Typically I would say no, but given how many RB's you have that are rotting on your bench, I don't see why not. Mahomes will be a huge upgrade too. Thoughts on mine?
  9. Are there any talks of improvement to the O Line or QB? I skimmed through the pages and it looks like they're getting Martin back this week, as well as another person on the line? Any trade rumors for QB? I haven't followed Zeke much, but looking to buy in. [...]
  10. Godwin is the player I want for me here. Thanks for your help.
  11. I think Boyd will cover your WR2 slot just fine while Tyreek is shipped off. Don't forget CMC was the #1 fantasy player last year, he was basically an RB1 and WR2 in one. I'd make the trade. Thanks for your help.
  12. Thanks man, let me take a look at yours. 6 teams make the playoffs. I have the most points scored against and am 2nd in points scored. Somehow was able to salvage my season in that sense, but horrible luck + injuries = 2-5 smh lol.
  13. I'd take it. Henry is a monster, would love to have him on my team. THoughts on mine?
  14. Rivers is probably the safest pick, but if you feel like taking a chance, I think Tua could have a good day if he uses his legs. Seems like you have enough upside in all your other skill positions, so I would probably play it safe with Rivers. He's a lock for at least 13 points LOL. Help mine?