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  1. It's the end of a dynasty. Congratulations to the Patriots and their fans for being able enjoy success on such a grand level. It's time to plan for their QB of the future. It's long overdue. Brady has had success despite his physical decline, and Belichick has been superb at hiding his QB's weaknesses and developing a team and game plan that would still allow Brady to be game manager and still allow him to come through in the clutch. One of the GOAT, he just can't compete physically anymore. I love to hate Brady, but even I wanna see him go out with dignity. I hope he calls it a career sooner than later.
  2. The thing that would concern me about that is his passing game usage was minimal throughout the whole season. He only had more than 3 targets once. I'm not sure when he picked up the injury but it seems like it just wasn't in Gruden's game plan to utilize him as a dual threat, which is baffling to everyone. For PPR it's tough to trust an uptick in usage in the passing game, and he did only score in 4 different games this year. I just think his price will be too high come next summer.
  3. It's definitely our hope that he falls far enough to take the risk on him. Even if he winds up in a favorable situation he looked terrible physically. Slower, less elusive, ect. Whether it was because of injury or what there's risk he's broken down. And if he's on another team next year he also has to learn a whole new system. The hope would be that he at least gets enough volume to produce by default. But volume alone doesn't warrant a high pick.
  4. Buying: QB: Josh Allen, great floor for those of us who like to wait on QB RB: Philip Lindsay, proved he wasn't a one year wonder, and Freeman didn't make any substantial progress as his 1B. Plus he's on a contract year if they don't get a deal done before then. WR: Chris Godwin, I didn't like him at his cost this year and was dead wrong. TE: Tyler Higbee, they'd have to be complete morons to not try to feature him next season. He's a solid blocker from what i understands as well which could benefit a run game that needs all the help it can get, theoretically keeping him on the field in most all situations. Fading: QB: Sam Darnold, thought he and the whole Jets team would take a nice step forward, but nothing about the Jets offense showed great improvement. They had as soft of a schedule as you could get and he still underwhelmed as he played behind a bad oline. Doesn't get to play the NFC east next year either. RB: Josh Jacobs, his usage in the passing game was maddening and I'm not confident that will change next year. I think he'll be overdrafted and a better real life RB than fantasy. WR: Devante Parker, not buying it. 56% catch rate, 7 drops, on a team that had no other choice but to target him. Plus he got paid. I'll pass.
  5. +1 for Chark No major RB pickups, no major QBs, Waller was drafted in alot of leagues but I'd say Chark even if Waller was picked up. Was SF DEF a standard pick in leagues? If not they're pretty high up there for waiver of the year.
  6. What's your league's scoring format? Defensive scoring varies greatly from league to league. Most of the leagues I'm in you'll never get negative points from your D. Unless negative points happen frequently in your league I think it's safe to start them.
  7. Overreact much? He just had a 100 yard game with the same QB last week. He plays @ home against a chargers D he scored on earlier this year. Then a dream match-up on the road against HOU, a potential shootout @ KC, and rounds up the year @ home in another great match-up against DET. He's in my lineup ROS. Mike Evans goose-egged earlier in the year and has a terrible real life QB. But I'm sure no one is benching him. (Just an example)
  8. Wow, same boat as me. I'm going with Brown. Mostert hasn't gotten much opportunity, even with Breida out. He'll need a TD to win you your game and he's not the favored short-yardage back. Brown can win you your game in one catch, and that's pretty much what you're betting on. It's going to be stretch either way, but Brown is the better Boom/Bust pick.
  9. That's one and probably the only thing I disagree with your post on. Fantasy Football is more popular IMO because the format just makes much more sense than any other sport, and has the least amount of headache when it comes to running a team. It's a short and sweet season, every player plays (1) game a week. There's no subbing players in and out every day, or trying to figure out what teams play 4 times instead of 2 times in the week, ect. It's both the convenience and the raw popularity of the real sport that propel FF IMO. And even in Fantasy Baseball and Basketball, luck is a big factor. If you drafted Steph Curry this year, bad luck kicked you in the sack within the first week of the season. Baseball is a streaky sport, and being lucky enough to have all your players on a hitting tear or having your opponent's team coincidentally all go cold makes or breaks a lot of playoff runs. Injury frequency is probably the one thing that would separate how luck factors into FF over other fantasy sports. There's no avoiding injury in a sport where people are paid to run into each other, and injuries are pretty darn random (Outside of red flag injury prone players).
  10. Yup, this week's matchup against SF is actually a blessing, because it clears any doubt that he's not startable. Plus, if the 9ers get their heads out of their butt they should be able to contain Drake, and keep him from running away with the competition. I don't fault any Defense for a poor Thursday nite showing, I expect much harder resistance for Drake this week. Being a DJ owner and trying my hardest to unload him but being stuck now, that's the best case scenario. Rest up for the bye week and be ready to give RB2 #s for the fantasy playoffs. Here's to hoping.
  11. Yup. The only concerning thing was on 1st and 1 at the 1 yard line they didn't even have Chubb in, they had Hunt. I chalk it up to them accepting that the Steelers might win the short yardage power run battle so they just didn't try (Chubb rushed for 2 yards on 2 goal line carries that drive, and the Oline was not getting great push against the Steelers front). But 3 goal line visits from your offense is very encouraging and you'd think more often than not 3 goal line visits will result in at least 1 Chubb TD.
  12. That's nothing ground breaking for a defense to focus on shutting down an offense's strength. I know people like to overblow the genius that is Belichick. But they will probably do little different than other teams. The question is less about will they try to shut down Philly's TE's and more about, can they shut down Philly's TE's? They've pretty much faced only one real threat at TE this whole season. I mean, if you look at the TEs they've matched up against, it might be one of the weakest schedules in recent history. They didn't even have to face Evan Engram when they played the Giants. They held Andrews in week 9 pretty well but collectively gave up 9/63/1 to Baltimore TEs, and that was with Jackson only having to throw 23 times. They've given up TE TDs in 2 consecutive games. They've given up receptions of 18+ yards to 6 different TEs this season. With the Eagles run game looking solid lately and Wentz actually managing games well in real life, plus potential negative game script later in the game, he should be a relevant target all game. I have no worries setting him in my lineup this week.
  13. You're on the road and in the midst of not only a divisional race but a conference race where every game here on out could be the difference between home field advantage for the playoffs. You want your best players playing every game they can, you don't just rest players on game day. Read between the lines and this tells you how Reid feels about him now. Could it change a few weeks from now? Of course. But the here and now is, he's fallen heavily out of favor.