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  1. Yes I got it. I went back through the thread.
  2. 🤣 Crazy talk lol. I took him just after the top 100 in two of my three leagues to make sure I got him. NFBC ADP was 120 and I can’t imagine someone would have dropped him.
  3. Happ’s OBP is .420, easily leading the team. Seems like the perfect spot. Heyward is currently the second best hitter on the team and he’s been awful when leading off. Rizzo is best at 2 or 3.
  4. Yeah why not? Reports said his pitch counts were in the 70s at alternate site. White Sox will probably get a couple long balls but plenty of K potential also. 5 innings, 6ks, 3 earned, 5 hits.
  5. K rate has been declining toward the norm and he has been a slow starter every year. Some glimmer of optimism.
  6. Just watched his start. This guy is built like a linebacker. Deceptive arm slot. Not unhittable but works ahead and attacks. Nasty slider with big break that he used a lot against lefties. Could definitely be solid for fantasy right now.
  7. He’s gone more than an inning before. And Was able to do it again.
  8. @Sterling Archer After the IL apparently
  9. Just added, this Texas start is appealing. Rangers have been better on the road (paltry .598 OPS at home). But two straight quality starts is good enough for me against this lineup. Texas also 22nd in the league with a .664 OPS vs lefties.
  10. Has never played outfield. So he could DH and give Story, Arenado and Hampton nights off or DH. Not ideal
  11. Before he had COVID, yes. I don’t know what they’ll do. They moved Kim to the rotation and CMart has to ramp back up. I thought it would make more sense to get him back as a reliever. But who knows.
  12. Yeah I think he will be a pretty good player in a couple years, I’d probably even bet on top 50 hitter. Odds are just against the 21-year old basically making the jump from Double-A and being great out of the gate.
  13. Everybody gets hits. He could post a .320 BABIP with average to above average exit velo numbers with a 28 percent K rate and hit .240 with a few homers and steals and be pretty irrelevant in fantasy.
  14. Add Carlos Martinez to the mix when he returns.