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  1. I get plugging this guy in for a bye week or injuries hoping for 4-10 points but this guy ain't winning anyone's fantasy season. The Jets are terrible Gore is still there and GASE is a turd
  2. Again to me its the lack of 3-4 easy receptions that hurts his value.
  3. Philly was my first choice, but I missed them now I have to choose between the Giants and Chargers. So ya I think Philly is safe for tonight should get some sacks and a turnover or two
  4. It was a limited practice on a Wednesday, not a big deal unless it continues till FRI
  5. DST Streaming help, Giants vs Eagles, Chargers vs Jags, Bears vs Rams or Browns vs Bengals Thanks
  6. Hasty he's in a good system, if he get 15 carries he worth having. Perine no way, jets are a train wreck, he will give you 5 to 10 points thats all
  7. I'm guessing he going to get 15ish touches for 60-100 yards, no receptions. If he scores it's a plus, but with Cam they haven't even used a RB by the goal line.
  8. I think he's an RB3 or flex, he will get 15 carries for 45-60 yards, with 1 reception. If he scores a TD he gets 14ish points. The lack of receptions is bad, it really hurts his floor. Oh ya and he's going to my bench, only because I have Hunt, Robinson and Mosert though
  9. 100% snap count and 9 targets against the titan, this week Bills face KC if John Brown is out, this guy is a great play.
  10. I thinking he will be flex or WR3 worthy, 49ers defense is not as good this year, they will have to throw more. [...]
  11. Poor use of Drake is what's hurt him, he's like Sony Michel last year, Drake only gets running plays, no screens, no wheel routes, no lining up as a WR, that's the problem.
  12. UMMMMM NO!!!! Not with Moe Allie Cox and Jack Doyle on the roster Burton is worth a roster spot in a 64 team league
  13. Down by 2 I have Kelce, they have Ridley. Gonna be close
  14. Zero routes run, that's bad for fantasy and bad coaching.
  15. My biggest concern is the no receptions that's bad and kills his floor