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  1. Aren't they suppose to be a world class org that should get the results relatively immediately?
  2. I blame fizdale for all knick player woes. He is unfathomably stupid.
  3. I think he's just using common sense. So there's no way he's on the Kings coaching staff.
  4. This. They compliment each other well. Dedmon has been playing well lately - it may not seem like it to boxscore warriors, but the guy can actually play basketball and impacts the game.
  5. I'd like for them to give Lauri the ball. Tough for any player to have value when Lavine is getting more shots than the rest of the starters combined.
  6. Think I might drop for Culver. If I have to deal with crap shooting at least give me the allure of stocks and rookie upside.
  7. I'm gonna see where his little brinks truck goes. Has a great playoff schedule if memory serves.
  8. I'm keeping Frank. I think unless Fiz is fired he'll be traded to a team that will start him. Frank can play, but Fizdale's "system" neuters all point guards in favor of inefficient, ball chucking bigs.
  9. If you don't think the guys would have been banned under Stern then perhaps you're the one that gave Waiters the edibles. Both Ayton and Collins cheated. Both were caught. Both have to pay the price. These punishments are all in the CBA and it's what the player's union signed off on.
  10. He's nothing compared to Fizdale, Walton, Brooks and a few others.