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  1. Up by 28. I have Boone and he has Rodgers. CMON BOONE!!!!!!!
  2. 2nd seed, beat the 1 seed. We were flip-flopped last year. I lost in the championship as the 1 seed to the same guy (2 seed). The curse has been broken!
  3. Fitzmagic and Parker Combo! Also Jared Cook! My championship week roster seemed like a bunch of nobodies but they balled out.
  4. Out vs Dolphins. Is this guy droppable? My worst fear is I drop him and then the guy I play in the championship in week 16 picks him up and beats me with him...
  5. Can’t decide what to do here...this game and situation scares me..
  6. Probably starting over Westbrook, Parker, and Robbie Anderson. Don’t really feel good about any of the options, unfortunately.
  7. I'd go Boyd and then Sanders. Sanders might be more of a long term play, as you let him get familiar with SF's playbook.
  8. Yes, I'd do this. Upside of Sanu is nice, especially with the other receiving options in NE being not so great.
  9. I like their D. Assuming not much has popped up on the waiver wire, no use continuing to sit with the #4. I say go for it.
  10. I'd go Mack and Ekeler. But if D. Johnson doesn't play, then plug in Edmonds over Ekeler.