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  1. I need Boone not to score negative 53 points in half-PPR. hehe After losing Evans, Godwin and Cook, this is the best championship victory.
  2. Saquon's redemption!! Feels great, baby!
  3. I'd also go with Perriman over Moore. At FLEX, I'd keep Sanders.
  4. I'd go with Denver. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/792460-help-with-the-worst-championship-line-up-whir/
  5. I'd go with Sanders at Flex. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/792460-help-with-the-worst-championship-line-up-whir/
  6. Forgot to mention I also have D. Washington. So I was thinking to go with WR: Perriman, Tate, Chark/D. Johnson RB: Barkley, D. Washington FLEX: Laird or Peterson.
  7. So I lost Evans and Godwin. Cook doesn't look good at all. Anyway, I need to start 3 WR, 2 RB and 1 FLEX. WRs: B. Perriman (WR1 lol); Golden Tate; DJ Chark (healthy?); T. Williams; J. Brown. - Diontae Johnson, Curtis Samuel and Kenny Stills on WW. J. Watson is also available, but 2 TB WRs with Winston + probable rain? RB: S. Barkley, D. Cook, A. Peterson, P. Laird, M. Boone, A. Mattison. - Here I'm thinking about leaving one RB open for one of the Vikings backs, but I need to pick another one to FLEX. Or just forget that mess and go with Peterson & Laird? Thanks and leave a link.
  8. Thanks. I'm keeping an eye on the Jacobs situation to see who I Flex. Andrews has a crappy matchup, hence I was thinking about adding either Higbee or Fant.
  9. Need opinions on who to start at WR2, WR3 and FLEX. Drop Doyle for either Higbee or Fant (if healthy)? Other WRs available are Hurns, Perriman, Watson. Thanks and leave a link.
  10. As someone who owns both, I just hope it's not going to be a week like last one.
  11. Bo vs. CHI - Decent matchup, he'd getting a lot of carries. John Brown vs DAL - Bad matchup, but he's been pretty consistent. Half-PPR. And gamble on a limited Everett or add Goedert? Leave a link.