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  1. Watson and Boone flat out f'd me. At least Boone I can kinda sorta understand, but I still won't get over Watson faceplanting vs Tampa of all teams.
  2. So stupid that they have to show very long commercials on these TOs with less then 2 minutes left.
  3. Pats D was decent for me, but the egg Watson laid(against the flippin Bucs) stings.
  4. So many Watsons today LOL. At first I was thinking I clicked on the HOU-TB gamethread.
  5. No Goff was awful against the Niners in October.
  6. Who would’ve had this be a garbage time game for him?
  7. No guarantee in this league though. They were double digit favorites vs Denver and barely won. This isn't Ohio State vs say Northern Arizona where its an obvious win.
  9. Hopefully he will have the Lions in his pocket next week, and he'll be ready to roar.