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  1. This man playing for his 2k rating, 2k you need to keep his rating in the 80s so he has to keep balling like this to get it up
  2. Would you drop TJ warren to stash Thomas Bryant?
  3. Got 1st pick, pair AD with doncic and Trae on the turn of 3rd
  4. And this is a reminder why I won’t draft this mofo. Yeeehaw
  5. 5th year, some new members and some old members since ‘14. Buyin through PayPal/Venmo and payout are due within 24 hours of winning final week. We have 11, just need one more. https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/16956/invitation?key=9a0ca7782c21754f&ikey=a027613bc0a6e031&soc_src=app-sh
  6. Looking to join a money league, Yahoo only please, prefer 9 cats H2H.Don’t matter the buyin, if your league is drafting today, post link at the bottom and as well as buy in and draft setting. Looking for a few leagues to join