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  1. Thought of this a couple of weeks ago. Say you're the Godwin owner playing the Evans owner and you have a decent WR with a plus match-up on your bench (a guy like Ridley playing the Bucs for instance). I would say benching Godwin in that situation is close to a win-win situation. If Godwin blows up, fine, that would probably mean that Evans has a dud game. If Evans blows up that would probably mean that Godwin has a disappointing game, but that's fine too since he's on your bench (and your replacement WR is scoring a decent amount of points). The only scenario that this strategy would bite you in the a** is if both Evans and Godwin blow up ánd your replacement WR sucks, but this would be way more unlikely than the previous two scenario's. My point is, it would take nards to bench Godwin for sure, but a move like that would problably pay off.