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  1. Some ppl just look at numbers and are like he's averaging 20...It's a sorry 20...he barely get's you it every game It's just hard to fathom NBA max players get paid this much money and they don't even have a reliable jumper...what do these guys do in the gym do they even work on their game? rookies come into the NBA already with a mid-range/3pt game and Jimmy had it once upon a time with the Bulls. Maybe not the best 3 pt shooter but he had a reliable mid-range game and he would shoot with confidence. He has absolutely no confidence in his jumper this season it's just frustrating to watch. It's sad to say even Nunn is already a better offensive player than he is because he has more ways to score. Jimmy doesn't got anything besides layups, dunks, and FT's. I'm not too mad because I'm #1 seed in my league and thankfully I drafted a 9 cat team but I nip pick my early round picks.. I really expected more from JB this season it is what it is he's on my DND list. Rant over.
  2. never expected great things from Rozier, he's a hit or miss at least he doesn't hurt you too much.
  3. since he's been announced an all star, he's been slacking
  4. his daughter who was gonna carry on his NBA legacy just makes everything worst.
  5. question is does he still warrant a roster spot on my championship team
  6. not sure why more ppl are not scooping him up
  7. lol yes he was shooting them pretty good early in the season, but since you want to just throw the overall avg here are some what's he been giving me lately: last month avg: 43 fg% at 73% ft at 9.5 attempts per game, last 2 weeks: 41% fg 65% ft @ 10.2 attempts PER GAME, last week: 43% fg 60% ft's @ 10 attempts per game, this week so far 46% fg 64% ft @ 14 attempts. SO.... do you see something trending? because I do and it's not looking and getting better hence the comment.
  8. I'll just make sure I'm punting FT's if I draft Luka next season.
  9. lol everytime I grab this guy to stream he sucks
  10. if you're expecting Curry to save your season, you already lost your league