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  1. Says it's full But I can pay ASAP if a spot is truly open. Let me know.
  2. I thought i emailed you but I may be interested and have another interested as well. How many you currently have?
  3. Potential owners that express interest, please write a small message with the following info included. Where you are from. Florida Age. 28 Fantasy baseball background. Been playing for 7-8 years. Very competitive. Money leagues only. What's most important to you when you seek out a new league opportunity to join. Competition and dedicated owners. Love banter and to have fun but need owners who don’t quit mid season. What characteristics do you bring to the league. Love baseball. Very active and love trading. Waiver wire fiend. Look forward to hearing from ya!
  4. Actually scratch that. It’s just me. I will take either team. Email is
  5. Still need managers? And $25 fee? Perfect. Let me know.
  6. Myself and a buddy of mine are interested in final teams. Let me know if you still need 2. We co manage a team with same exact layout.