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  1. I'm not big on going TE bc you're generally gonna be weak at RB or WR. Your however looks pretty solid in those areas. Nice job
  2. I'd hold onto Chubb, but Clement should be solid in PPR http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/713040-who-do-i-drop-whir/
  3. hilt hill coop TY only weapon in INDY.... HILL new QB...COOP new coach
  4. 12 TEAM PPR (ROSTER HAS 3 FLEX)--- I always drop my K and IDP to add a couple of potential sleepers. Based on my roster composition, which 2 would you drop from the 2nd half of my bench? I've gotta drop 2 to pick up an IDP and K QB - STAFFORD - 11 RB - MCKINNON - 3 RB - A COLLINS - 4 RB/WR - DION LEWIS - 6 WR - A BROWN - 1 WR - M THOMAS - 2 TE - ERTZ - 5 FLEX - FUNCHESS - 7 FLEX - COHEN - 8 IDP - D/ST - SAINTS - 16 K - BENCH- KUPP(9) MACK(10) GOLLADAY WHO TO DROP? (12) C SUTTON (13) R GRANT (14) MAHOMES (15) J. Ross ---Breida
  5. You won the draft by a lot... great team http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/712733-rate-my-wr1wr2-squad-whir/
  6. Good looking 14 teamer. Seen worse 12 teamers....Rivers is steady, RB is nasty.. Like the established roles with upside with CD AND Anderson at WR... Eifert is great when healthy... Bench has mix of potential starting RB in Barber, great handcuff in Gio, and nice upside play in Taylor.. great team. Help with mine pls http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/712733-rate-my-wr1wr2-squad-whir/
  7. It's hard for me to give up the best player in the deal... I'd wait it out...10 teamers will give you a chance to find a solid WR on waivers. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/712733-rate-my-wr1wr2-squad-whir/
  8. I lean toward the Devonta's... but it's very close. I think Adam's TD upside is better in .5 PPR, http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/712733-rate-my-wr1wr2-squad-whir/
  9. Drafts are always too close to call unless ppl make obvious mistakes... I think Rodgers/ Olsen at 3/4 was a bigmistake...Cousins, Guzzle, and GOAT look good to me
  10. Very solid team. Great depth a WR.. RB will be very strong when Ingram is back... Brees has great value this year.
  11. Kamara is a stud but Mark Ingram isn't just gonna sit when he's back.. Zeke is gonna get 25 touches a game and every GL carry
  12. I think you're fine. Whenever you go same pos top 2 picks it doesn't look as pretty but I think you are solid. Gordon has the ability to be a true WR1, CD can be the #1 in Tenn, and the bench is a nice mix of vets and upside guys. I worry a little about OJ with Brate still there but solid squad. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/712733-rate-my-wr1wr2-squad-whir/