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  1. Great time to start playing like trash. Dude is massive and can't grab a f***in rebound. I guess the Blazers learned from the spanking they got last time
  2. Oh god please I hope the ankle is fine. Is this something to be worried about? It honestly didn't look that bad but he seemed to be in pain. f--- playoffs coming up too
  3. Damn I love this dude's defensive stats and he's a per minute beast, but debating on if it's worth continuing to ride him or drop him for someone else like Sekou. Just afraid that he'll suddenly get run in the 20's. Anyone who follow the Raptors more closely have a perspective? Is he a Nerlens Noel type that brings mostly the defensive stats?
  4. Picked him up hoping to stream 3's...and get that beauty of a line I feel like with all this talk of him being consistently inconsistent he must regress to a serviceable line next game...going to hold onto him for 1 more game and hope I don't regret it. Chose the wrong Mav to stream
  5. If you're looking to drop a similar type player as one of the 3 you listed (which seem like scoring/3's specialists), the only potential swap out I'd think about is THJ for Duncan or Huerter, but it's close. I don't think there's a clearcut cut for one of the 3 IMO. Huerter probably has the most upside out of the 3
  6. My Dinwiddie and Parker for his FVV. Am I giving up too much? FVV and Dinwiddie alone have similar stats, but my thinking is that I should try and sell now before Kyrie/Collins get back. Any thoughts? WHIR
  7. Anyone watch the game? Pretty nice line with stocks in only 21 mins. Should we expect that amount of minutes going forward or will he see an uptick back up closer to 30.
  8. Butler is returning consistent first round value. Demar is like a 4th rounder. Aim higher, try and get a second rounder.
  9. Missed FT to cap it off leading to OT. After 3 straight single digit scoring efforts I'm hoping he can take a good long look at his fat a** in the mirror and turn it around
  10. Christ everyone keeps talking about slow starts...really praying that's the case and he'll pick it up soon
  11. Dude has been on fire. Is this a sell high moment with Kyrie coming back? Or do we think he can sustain his value?
  12. What an absolutely putrid game, single handedly killing my FG% lead
  13. Do people think it's worth trying to make a buy low offer, especially if he's on a struggling team? How much improvement are we thinking of seeing (especially as people point out, once Zion comes back)? I agree I think if just his FG% would improve to last year, that would increase his value tremendously (also because he'd be scoring more). People who watched him last year and this, what changed? Can we expect him to go back to his old efficiency? Or at least low 40's?
  14. God needed him to score since I'm close in points...trying to look at it like 42 points across 2 games which stings less but still, cmon bro
  15. How sustainable do we think Brogdan's production is, especially his assists? I don't watch many Pacers games, but tripling his assists in a year seems pretty crazy to me. Especially when Oladipo comes back, what do we think the dynamic will be? I'm thinking of making an offer to the owner since he's punting assists, but don't want to overpay if he's peaking.
  16. Not much conversation around this guy....regret drafting him in the 5th round, he's pretty uninspiring and Nuggets have a lot of mouths to feed. Any chance he heats up and I'll be able to sell him off?
  17. Jesus hope he knocks the rust off that FT shot, killing me here. 3 steals though and a decent line so can't complain too much I guess. Hopefully the warmup is over
  18. Didn't see a thread on him so wanted to start one. Looked good in the preseason and his first game with good efficiency, decent scoring, and assists. Are his minutes on his new team set and should we expect this type of performance consistently? He's still pretty young so room to grow. There are so many interesting young PG's out there right now but not hearing a lot about Tyus who had a solid performance.
  19. Which would you rather have? I'm punting 3's in a 12T H2H 9 cat. Murray seems better for efficiency and scoring, but Lowry is better at assists and steals. I'm also trying to factor in upside here. Does Murray have more potential given his youth? Or is Kyle set to improve with Kawhi gone (despite being older)? Which would you guys rather have? Or is it a wash upside wise and I should just go with whatever category I need more.
  20. Thinking of trading one of these off since I pivoted towards a punt 3's team. Seems like Murray can get me more points and dimes while JRich can get me more stocks. Does Jamal have room for more growth this year though? Or is he just going to do the same as last year. Is JRich going to regress slightly now being on a stacked Philly team? Or will having his role more carved out actually help his efficiency and focus on defense? Which would you choose to keep? WHIR!
  21. Lost playoffs by 2 assists. Patrick Beverley just needed to get more than ******** 2 assists for the whole game but he always gave the ball to the goddamn rookie Shai. I had a sliver of hope that the game was going to be extended into OT where maybe he'd get those assists, but ******** Lou will destroyed me with his game winner. GG see you next season I guess
  22. What's going on why aren't they playing him? Matchup thing or did he get hurt?
  23. Having his worst game of the season during the playoffs, great. Not getting any ******** offensive touches per usual with ball hogs Oubre and Booker, but this game I can't even be that mad at them because Ayton's been a** offensively.