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  1. Tough one. I'd take Wendell Carter Jr. for now. Looks safe to me.
  2. Unfortunately I benched him the last two games. Was so upset that I just traded him away for Collins.
  3. 8 team 9 cat roto league, not punting anything Got offered DeAndre Jordan and Kuzma for my Gobert. Thoughts on this? Could also get T.Harris instead of DJ. My team: Harden, Payton Oladipo, Beal, G.Harris Richardson Collins, Carter Jr., Jackson Jr. Gobert, Ayton, Allen, Harrell
  4. got offered j.allen and wendell carter jr for my tatum in my 8 team 9 cat roto league. thoughts? cuurrently sitting in last place with this roster: harden, brogdon, payton oladipo, beal, g.harris richardson, tatum Nance, jackson jr gobert, ayton, Kanter
  5. Just traded him away for Tatum. Guess I should be happy.
  6. Okogie.
  7. As a former Rubio owner I would take Lou.
  8. I prefer Doncic.
  9. I'd take the Embiid side and try to flip RHJ. My order: Richardson Murray Collins Gordon Russell
  10. got offered mccollum + tatum for my beal in my 8 team 9 cat roto league. thoughts? cuurrently sitting in last place with this roster: harden, payton oladipo, beal, g.harris richardson, ingles, love, nance, jackson jr gobert, ayton, kanter
  11. 8 Team 9 cat roto League, not punting anything got a request for my Gary Harris and can choose between Covington, J.Allen, McCollum or Tatum. my team: Harden, Rubio Oladipo, Beal, G.Harris, Hart Richardson, Ingles Love, Jaren Jackson Gobert, Ayton should I keep Harris or trade him away (for?)?
  12. I would do this in a heartbeat. You'll find similar production to Ingram on your waiver wire (assuming it's a 10-teamer or less) and Jokic >>> Wall.
  13. How many teams? If it's a shallow league I would keep Richardson over Green.
  14. Tough one. I'd take Giannis side due to injury concerns.
  15. Got offered Gary Harris for my Prince (9 cat 8 team roto league). Lacking guards, so I'm serious considering accepting this. Rest of my team: Harden, Rubio Oladipo, Hart Prince, Ingles, Richardson Love, T.Harris, JJJ Gobert, Kanter, Ayton
  16. Any possibilities that this guy is getting SG eligibility (ESPN)?
  17. Just wondering if his owners should sell high on him. I can see the Knicks developing young guys sooner than later.
  18. Got offered Collins for my Kanter. 9 cat 8 Team roto league, no POs. my team: harden, rubio, fox dipo Prince, Richardson, Ingles, barton Love, T.Harris gobert, ayton, Kanter
  19. 8 team 9 cat roto league Harden Oladipo Gobert Love Ayton T.Harris G.Harris Rubio J.Richardson Prince Barton K.Anderson Lamb thoughts on this? Feeling weak on assists. Got Simmons for Dipo straight up on the table.