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  1. Good points, but Shump went to the Rockets. I dropped him for Lord Kenrich too. =\
  2. 12 team Roto. 10 cats (FG%, FT%, 3ptm, 3pt%, Pts, Reb, Ast, Stl, Blk, To) Had the 6th pick. KD, Kemba, Draymond, Jamal Murray, Hayward, Lavine, Nurkic, Melo, Jaylen, Portis, Avery Bradley, Shai Gilgeous, Taj RHJ, Hood, Len top waivers right now. Thanks, WHIR!
  3. Team: Westbrook, LBJ, Gobert, JR Smith, Kuzma, Randle, Saric, Aaron Gordon, Saric, Avery Bradley, JaMychal Green, Greg Monroe (hopeful trade stash), Seth Curry, Jarrett Allen (hopeful stash). 12 team Yahoo Roto currently sitting in 7th place. CATs are: FG%, FT%, 3ptm, 3pt%, pts, reb, ast, st, blk, to. I've traded some pieces away to acquire Westie and Gobert from other other owners. Kyrie, Tobias, Melo, Deandre, Derozan, and Hood. Should I hang tight and wait for my injured players to come back or make some moves now? I am thinking about offering Westie for Dray and Kemba. Thanks WHIR!