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  1. He really never fit in with what Denver did and if you isolate his skill set even before the draft his rebounding and shooting stands out. He’s a better shooter than Covington and has never gotten the opportunity to show it. I think there’s enough here to warrant a look. No one else to play those pf minutes
  2. Y’all underestimating the opportunity he could possibly get. Great rebounder and he can lights out from deep. I think there’s something definitely worth a look.
  3. Lmao I grabbed both. Not giving on gafford yet. For saavy owners this is the time to snipe gafford
  4. Take McRae bud. Team is a mess. Beal is in risk of load management. He’ll have more chances than MPJ.
  5. Tsunami Papi back at it like a muthafukin crack Addict!!
  6. Wrong team... Denver plays too much of a team ball to allow MPJ to flourish on nights he misses shots. if he was on the cavs this would be must add territory months ago
  7. He’ll be churning out triple doubles soon enough!!!
  8. I think for us who’ve played fantasy for a while now the experience comes in handy. We all know what the lord elf can do and we are just waiting for that opportunity so he can shine again. People who follow the blurbs like a bible will miss on this
  9. Sato!!!! best option for the bulls and they winning
  10. Tim Hardaway I would agree is the drop. And yes Huerter is ur guy here
  11. 9 Cat H2H which would you rather have rest of season
  12. Sell high to me that shooting and stls numbers seems too high for boggy
  13. Too early to tell what he’s gonna be but he’s prolly locked down the back up center spot(18-20 min). Now what he does with it completely up in the air. Judging what he did from college I think were looking high fg% blks Rebs type of guy. 6-8 pts 6-7 Rebs 1 blk per game? I play in a 14 teamer and scooped him up real quick as a speculative add
  14. He’s a factor!! There isn’t depth behind Marc so they’re forced to play the guy
  15. With ibaka out for a while is he worth a look!?
  16. Yes he does and he can lol. I think realistically he can play SF,PF,C for the warriors when they have Draymond and Looney healthy
  17. Bowman Is ver dependant on the health of dlo. No way he sniffs 20 min a night with dlo healthy
  18. Fantasy aside. Eric is a starter for this team forward. Either GRIII plays SG or Dray plays Center. He will start. Must own fantasy asset
  19. He’s gonna be fun this year. Multi cat contributor you don’t find that free in the wire usually
  20. I mentioned this earlier in the thread but yes he can definitely play the 3. He’s quick and big enough to handle both guards and bigs. It’ll hide his rebounding woes much better and I feel like it’ll be a natural position for him.