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  1. You gave up two dimes for three nickels. Do the math.
  2. Bullpen gonna struggle to blow this one LOL
  3. I am reluctantly leaving on the IL for this one, and hoping he makes me regret it. Will definitely have him out there Sunday against the White Sox.
  4. His fastball velocity isn’t “kind of troubling”, it’s game over!
  5. Rangers I have no clue, but Martin is your new Braves closer.
  6. Nelson Cruz’s three homer night Thursday seems to have disappeared in my two ESPN leagues. Anybody else seeing that?
  7. Anybody keeping up with how he’s hitting since being sent down? With the Gallo news, sounds like he’ll be back up shortly.
  8. Kinda reminds me of Zobrist back in his day, multi position eligibility, great bench bat, always gave something. Very valuable in head to head formats.
  9. Points league, but definitely a top 50 bat in my league.
  10. While I understand the "deal is a deal" sentiment, I'd cancel the trade and move on. It's a game.
  11. I would drop Glasnow, probably German for Boyd. Don't worry about Mchugh. Hang on to classes I like your life depends on it.
  12. Given the size of Scherzer’s shnoz, this is a big break. Cast should be off in 6 to 8 weeks, full recovery expected.