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  1. This guy Worth a look in 12+ teamers?
  2. Really hoping its actually one week....guy has been a GEM all season long...Would suck to have to drop for playoffs...
  3. Will shut down for sure.... whats the point of him coming back even?
  4. Will get shut down by the weekend... Or will just be "OUT Calf" until the end of the of the season... No way are cavs going to risk having a better record than the Hawks or Knicks....they want that #15 spot.
  5. meh....most of us got him off the wire an hour ago lol....low risk high reward opportunity. He sucks, we drop.
  6. scooped! if he sucks, dropppppppy drop drop.
  7. Does this guy need to be rostered in 12+ teamers? With GSW clearly gunning for that last spot, does that help his ROS outlook? Thoughts?
  8. "Oubre was ruled out yesterday, and the lack of transparency here is semi-concerning. Williams said we can expect to get another update soon, but Oubre didn't do any work at shootaround or pregame and he was spotted sporting a sleeve on his right knee. Dario Saric will start until he gets back and there will be more minutes available for Cam Johnson." was it supreme tho?
  9. Bulls play in the East what does it matter whats happening in the West to them?
  10. they are only 3.5 games out of a payoff berth
  11. LOL you own Kevin Porter Jr. You opinion is void.
  12. Dropped Napier for him......will use him for the next 2 games before ASB and then reassess.
  13. Cavs are tanking and they are not ashamed of it....i expect this minutes to get DRASTICALLY reduces as the season goes on so they can pile up more L's....