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  1. Ingram/Jaylen wire? LOL..are you in a 4 man league?
  2. Irving back tmrw...his bad is the impact to Dinwiddie gonna be ????
  3. It’s embiid we are talking about here lol.
  5. Hes got the biggest thread of this forum lol. What are you talking about...
  6. Sorry for calling you a fat a** back in November (didn't mean it, was frustrated).....and thank you to my league members for rejecting all my Jokic offers back then too! Burek Man will bring us to the promised land!
  7. He's on my IR...and when he comes back, he will probably stay on my IR for 2-3 weeks....he sucks, but I cannot drop him.
  8. Dropped him for Norm yesterday before the game even regrats!
  9. Even when they are all back, Norm should get his run. Raps are not that deep this year. Not saying he will be 12 team relevant, but could still be a good option.
  10. 14 team 9 in 8th place. Vuc, Jokic, Harrell are my other I need wood?
  11. is this guy worth a stash in 12-14 teamers? BBM has him projected to return Jan 15th.