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  1. I pulled the trigger. Being a standard league losing McCaffrey stings a little less.
  2. I would go Gore. I’m an eagles fan and our run def is legit. We stink against the pass. Plus no Singletary this week.
  3. Eagles fan here, even if Alshon suits up he would be very limited. I would go with Ross.
  4. I’ve never done an IDP league, but I don’t see any issue with dropping MVS. Thanks for replying to mine.
  5. Update: I got him to drop brown. So it would be Gurley and Keenan for C Mac. Any new thoughts, WHIR.
  6. I would try to get a better rb if your giving up Kelce. I also prefer B. Cooks to Lockett.
  7. I would grab Royce. If lindsay goes down he would be a workhorse. Mostert has coleman and brieda that he would have to sit carries with.
  8. I would roll with allen and hockenson. Allens rushing and matchup make him a good start and i just don’t trust Howard with Winston at Qb. I expect the bucs to try to get evans more involved too.
  9. With no AB now I would go with Edelman. Should see a big uptick in targets.
  10. So now I’m without AB im weak at WR. Standard league my team: Josh Allen, drew brees cmac, fournette, devin singletary, malcolm brown, royce freeman diggs, antonio, scary terry, crowder, aj green ertz Whir
  11. I would give up TY for D. Henry. Godwin looks legit and you need rb help since Shady is going to keep taking more and more work from D will as the weeks go on.
  12. I would go Shady and Marvin. High powered offense where defense don’t key on shady. Once he is in open space he is lethal. marvin has a very good chance to catch a td and is pretty solid overall.
  13. Should I trade my AB for Tyreek Hill? Ab potential suspension has me considering, what do you think?
  14. I hate amari and his duds will cost u weeks. He is basically un-plyable at this point so i would roll the dice on Gordon, can it be worse than starting amari.
  15. Unfortunately week 1 I played tyreke hill and week 2 cousins and diggs so im 1-2. This league does top 3 from each division make the playoffs and at the moment my divison is one 3-0, three 1-2, and one 0-3. My opponent this week is in my division though so its tough risking a loss