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  1. Nurkic in my opinion would be a much better stash. I think he may be much closer to a return than Otto. Otto's injury seems really iffy to me. Please help?
  2. Mitchell Robinson only gives you blocks. Other than that he has been pretty garbage this season. He has been so bad that I would say it is worth trading him for Marcus Morris even with the possibility of the trade. Nobody would be able to tell you what is the % chance that he gets dealt. But i think with how Mitch Rob has been its worth risking. Please help?
  3. Hold Reggie and see how he does. None of those players you mentioned have bigger upside that Reggie Please help?
  4. Keep Bryant, more opportunity for him in washington than there is for Noel in OKC. As you saw last night, he is just coming off injury and only going to get better please help?
  5. It depends what stats you need. Noel has more upside specially if Steven Adams gets traded but we are not sure that Steven adams will get traded. And as of right now, THJ gets more minutes consistently compared to Noel. So, if you need stocks I'd go with Noel. Please Help?
  6. I like the upside of Holiday and Capela better than Simmons and Brolo. Please help?
  7. I like Drummond and PJ more for sure please help?
  8. Take Bertans for sure and hope he doesn't get traded please help?
  9. Honestly I do not think you can get Lonzo for Conley Also, I do not think that there is anyone on the waiver that offers the upside Mike Conley does if you have waited until now, the best thing you can do is hold on and hope his role gets back to normal and he stays healthy please help?
  10. Derrick White's minutes and role on SA is always super iffy I would Keep Dinwiddie and Reggie over White However, if you have to drop someone, then I would drop Jackson Please help?
  11. I don't really understand the salary situation but I would keep Sabonis. Sabonis is a Rockstar. I would keep him for sure. please help?