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  1. Yea do that. You are better off getting some more threes with Brook as well as the blocks, and IMO Love is definitely getting shut down. Nance is a good option ROS.
  2. Have you considered dropping Lauri, or Capela even? Stashing KAT and streaming someone like Gorgui Dieng would be preferable to giving up that much, I think Jrich is gonna get his shot to fall and beast without Simmons, same with Brodie. To me KAT is a “if I’m healthy I’m playing” guy so I think he does come back, but you have to weigh that against the possibility of not having him it all. I say stay, you have more than enough to win and you still have the potential of two top 50 guys coming back in Lauri and Capela.
  3. Bump Also any thoughts on who to keep out of Coby, Sato and possibly KPJ if I grab him again off the wire...dropped him yesterday and he went off
  4. JJ is a multi-cat producer, Naz might be more consistent for points and boards but I would take JJ for those small ball lineups, he will give you a little bit of everything.
  5. Reggie is marginally good when he has high usage and is pretty much the only ball handler, otherwise hes a low end asset. When Beverly comes back its only gonna get worse. Drop him for Dante, Bucks will rest some guys down the stretch and he will have some good lines because of it.
  6. You can always stream what Warren brings, Donkic is a guy you just don't move.
  7. Def Thon. OG is too inconsistent regardless of his role.
  8. Chriss maybe but I think he's gonna play better with Steph running the pick and roll. I would stay unless you're vying for a playoff spot.
  9. No way dude! Waiting this long just to give him to someone else would suck. IMO Steph has been ready for weeks now, his conditioning is still up, maybe he has a little bit of rust but I say he comes out hot, shooting well and running that offense. Wizards are the best possible matchup for his return so I say stay!
  10. Lee but I would think there are better players on the WW for those cats. With Steph coming back I don't think Lee will be roster worthy.
  11. Who will you stream for blocks on your WW? Losing Davis and Theis would be a pretty big hit for your blocks imo, I would go with Duncan Robinson and keep Theis if you go with that trade. Personally I think streaming Simmons' missing cats is more doable than what AD brings to the table, and don't forget Harden does have some horrendous shooting nights. Also I would stay with Sexton, don't think Otto will do anything consistent ROS.
  12. yes do it. Tatum is beasting right now but that is partially due to no Kemba, and Trail Blazers going for the playoffs. Guess he forgot how good Dame was before the injury....do it!
  13. I wouldn't do it, I think Indiana will defer to healthy guys that have been killing it all season to stay in the playoff hunt, and I think Dipo still needs some time to be effective. I don't think you have a drop either....LeVert is gonna be a usage monster and Jrich has been slumping but hes gonna turn it on, especially if Simmons is gonna miss time. Stay pat, you can save that waiver for when someone makes a desperation drop in the playoffs.
  14. Points league, threes are the most valuable and percentages are irrelevant. Getting my team ready for playoffs. Just got into the 6th seed so I'm not trying to stash too much (just dropped Kevin Porter Jr for Coby White). Who is my drop for when Steph comes back this Sunday? I figure I get one good week out of Melo while Lillard is out and then drop him, or if MPJ continues to get low mins I would drop him, I still think MPJ can be a difference maker though. Everyone else looks good to me...Sato and Coby don't have the best playoff schedules but I think they are holds either way. Westbrook Sato Hayward Levert Aaron Gordon Jokic Nance JR Mitchell Robinson MPJ Brook Lopez Whiteside Melo Coby White Millsap Bjelica Curry (IL)