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  1. haha foul trouble Adams on the bike right now so hopefully he can salvage his line tonight. Edit: Aquaman is back, better luck next game.
  2. phew back on the bench. maybe no fracture
  3. I don't watch any suns games but I'm assuming that Ayton has been a ball stopper.
  4. Shoot, He caught the Mike Conley virus. Hope he heals up quick.
  5. my god. this guy's nuts is not having a good month 😩
  6. damn, 8 stocks and counting. Beasting.
  7. Trip Dub Alerttt 🚨 Mad quiet in here so I assume most of yall dropped this fool already 😂
  8. This boi putting up worse stats than Maxi Kleber. I have very low hopes for Turner barring a Sabonis injury but he does fit my punt assists team. If anyone offers me anything in Top 50 I’ll probably slam accept but riding with this dude ROS most likely.
  9. Cruising in 2nd place right now so I stashed him in my main non-IR money league. I don't think he's going to be my savior but he could be the difference that wins me the chip. 🤞
  10. sheesh. this boi on fireeeeeeee I don't know why I keep trying to trade him but I'm just enjoying the ride.
  11. Team in SIG. I originally had been streaming two spots since my team was hit with like 6-7 injuries in the past 2-3 weeks. I somehow scooped Draymond this week and I took a flier on Jarrett Culver after Teague was shipped. Paul George, I assume will be back this week and I'm going to need to drop one. I'm desperately looking to trade a 2 for 1 so I can keep most of my players but I think my weakest link is Culver/Draymond/OG. Who do I drop if I can't get a trade? Thanks in Advance!
  12. Why does this boi have 6 steals and not 6 blocks. Wildly confused but I’ll take what I can get at this point 😂